Explaining the relationships between job characteristics

Explaining the relationships between job characteristics, burnout, and engagement: The role of basic psychological need satisfaction is an article that has been authored by Anja Van den Broeck, Maarten Vansteenkiste, Hans De Witte and Willy Lens. The article has been authored with an aim of examining the role of the basic need satisfaction, as it is defined using the self-determination theory. The theory has been used in determining the relationships that exists between job demands, employee’s exhaustion and vigour, job resources, components that make up burnout and engagement. The article was based upon a heterogeneous sample of 745 employees of Dutch speaking citizens of Belgium. The findings were that the satisfaction that is derived from the basic needs explained the relationships from job demands to exhaustion and from the job resources to vigour. It was able to provide a full account for the job resources and exhaustion.

This article is useful in our study as it lays emphasis on the job demand in relation to burnout, job resources, exhaustion and vigour among other variables that are critical for the purpose of our research. The article develops the fundamental relationships that shed light upon the variables involved in our research and thus help us to draw findings from the work of others and create a comparison to our own. It is important to note that use of the article is a major stepping-stone into understanding and getting a wider scope of what our research should compose of. The findings of the article shall also be used for comparison purposes and thus create a longitudinal analysis that will create a trend over time. The findings can be rated depending on how respondent views change over time.

How changes in job demands and resources predict burnout, work engagement, and sickness absenteeism is an article authored by Wilmar B. Schaufeli, Arnold B. Bakker and Willem Van Rhenen. The article dwells much in explaining the job demand resources (JD-R) model results into an impairment and motivational process. The results of the structural equation modelling shows that an increase in the job demand leads to the decrease in job resources, lead to burnout as a positive result while an increase in the job resources predict work engagement. The study took place among 201 telecom managers in support of the JD-R model. Burnout and engagement predict the sickness registration duration that can be termed as involuntary absence. The results also show that a positive gain spiral is evident.

The study aims at looking at work in a different perspective. Apart from looking at work from the perspective of strain and stress, it is looked at in the form of engagement. The JD-R process aims at analysing the positive effects of work in the light of strain and motivation. According to the author, it is apparent that none of the previous JD-R studies examined the effects that cause burnout or engagement on job demands. This is important for our study as it gives us details into the relationships between job engagement, burn out and job resources. This is possible in the light that it engages the different effects from their causative agents e4nabling us to gain an in depth understanding of the work that we are dealing with. The data enlarges our school of thought into understanding the basic constructs that make up the effects of job demands.

Weekly work engagement and flourishing: The role of hindrance and challenge job demands is an article by Arnold B. Bakker and Ana Isabel Sanz-Vergel. The article dwells on explaining how the healthcare nurses engage in their work for the sake of staying psychologically comfortable. The research hypothesis for the study was that nurses would perceive the work pressure as a hindrance demand than being a challenge while they would perceive emotional demands as a challenge as opposed to a hindrance demand. The hypothesis was found to be true on the t-test. The findings of the study were a major step towards understanding the nature to which people connect to their roles. In this article, we realize that much of the connection exists for emotional support or wellbeing. In this light, we also understand that individuals who engage in their work are often cognitively, emotionally, and physically connected to their work. The article’s main argument is that interaction between job demands and personal resources are key factors into engagement and flourishing. This is important for our research as it tries to create a relationship between the job demands and the life of an individual. The relationships are a major stepping-stone towards the realization of a difference that exists between job demand as a challenge and job demand as an obstacle. It is imperative that hindrance demands were noted to have a negative indirect effect on the performance of worker through strains and motivations. The article provides data that can be used to build upon in developing the relationships between the various variables as well as data that can be used for comparison purposes. It also provides the researchers with a theoretical background on what is expected of them in the development of the research project for the various variables.

Journal of Vocational Behavior. Job demands, job resources, and their relationship with burnout and engagement: a multi-sample study is an article by Wilmar B. Schaufeli and Arnold B. Bakker is a comprehensive study that mainly focuses on burnout and its related positive outcome, in this case, engagement. In this case, a model is tested in a situation whereby, burnout and engagement have different predictors and therefore a possibility of different consequences. The results of the findings were that burnout and engagement are negatively related. Burnout is also predicted by job demands and lack of job resources in this case. The findings also documented that despite the reason that burnout is predicted by job demand; burnout also bridges the gap between job demands and all potential health problems. This article develops the fundamental relationships that are very useful for our paper in the light of job resources, job demand, burn out and engagement.

With such a framework, we are able to develop a clear-cut boundary into the relationship that exists between the dependent and e independent variables. It is also imperative that the article provides us with a theoretical basis with which results can be built upon when findings in our research are developed. The theoretical background also equips us with the necessary knowledge to undertake our research by informing us of the scope of work, and the expected results.

For the purpose of our essay, this article provides findings that can be used for comparison purposes among other articles. There is need to develop a level of correlation between the various documents and therefore draw conclusive findings into the subject matter. More importantly, there is need to build upon the theory developed in his paper a stepping stone towards the realization of the desired results.

Job Engagement: Antecedents and Effects On Job Performance is an article authored by BRUCE LOUIS RICH, JEFFREY A. LEPINE and EEAN R. CRAWFORD. The article theorizes that engagement is a comprehensive explanation to relationships than other known aspects of the individual self. Engagement in this case is the key factor that determines the level of engagement into a role, and thus provides a basis through which people relate to certain roles at work. The article is based upon a study among 245 fire fighters. The primary hypothesis was that engagement mediated relationships between value congruence, the perceived support as well as core self-evaluations. For the purpose of the research, job involvement, job satisfaction and intrinsic motivation were included in the study as mediators. It was worth noting that the researchers noted that the factors did not exceed engagement in explaining relationships. The article Touches on the various variables that interest our study, it is imperative that the article offers significant contribution for the purpose of our study. The development of the relationship that we see later in the paper enables us to have an insight into what we should expect after the data analysis. More importantly, there is need to have the data and that they form a background that can be referred to in the instances where there is a disparity in findings. The theory should also enable us develops school of thought through its wide information on the subject matter and thus offer significant contribution to the knowledge that we have prior to the research.

Work Engagement: A Quantitative Review and Test of its Relations With Task and Contextual Performance as an Article Authored By Michael S. Christian, Adela S. Garza, And Jerel E. Slaughter. The article has a main goal of coming up with a definition of engagement by investigating the uniqueness that comes with it. The results of the study were that engagement is a concept that is related to key antecedents and consequences. Engagement was also tested as a mediator of the relationship that tends to exist between antecedents and job performance. It is imperative that the article aims at establishing a relationship that exists between the various variables in the light of engagement. More importantly, the article is useful for our purpose as it lay key emphasis on the constructs of engagement and its effects on the job demand. It also develops a mind-set that enables the researchers to explore the phenomenon from what has already been studied by others, enabling us to understand the fundamental relations between the various variables.

This article however dwells much on engagement and less on other factors and therefore play a limited role in our research. The data that has been developed in the study is useful for comparison purposes. The theory that has been developed in the study also provides a basis through which we understand the topic in a broader perspective enabling us to widen our study scope. Understanding of the topic is key. The theories that are developed in the article also enables us to develop a prediction of the possible relationships that exists between the various variables.