Explain the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance. Give an example from your worklife.

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Date Explain the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance. Give an example from your work/life.

Cognitive dissonance is a situation whereby there is confusion about a person’s believes which tend to conflict with one another. This kind of conflict most of the time comes up as a situation whereby a person believes in one thing and then later through different ways like learning come to the knowledge that what they were doing at a particular time was wrong. This cognitive dissonance confuses a person and most of the time people tend to react to this confusion through rejection, avoidance of new information as well as finding ways to justify the confusion and what might have been done or said during the confusion through an explanation. I have experienced this in my life especially when I got to begin dating. This is because I had known that dating and having sex was a normal thing and it was completely right as long as one was faithful. However, I got to learn that it was wrong when I got introduced to some friends who were Christians and I was unable to comprehend the notion of what I was doing being wrong. Therefore I experienced cognitive dissonance.

If we define job satisfaction as the INDEPENDENT variable, what related variables can be considered as DEPENDENT ones?

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Independent variables are the variables that are independent of other variables. This variable can be manipulated to study the dependent variables which are reflections of the changes which happen to the independent variables. Job satisfaction if defined as an independent variable can have multiple dependent variables. These are the variables that depend on the situation of being satisfied in the workplace. These variables may range from work to home and persons’ general relations. Therefore we can say that the dependent variables, in this case, are peace at home, good relations with other workers at the workplace, good health, and personal peace, good relations with friends and other non-work colleagues among other types of dependent variables which come as a result of the condition of being satisfied in the workplace.