Explain the complexities and difficulties in enforcing standards for lifting

Explain the complexities and difficulties in enforcing standards for lifting. Use specific examples to support your answer. 

Weight lifting standards refer to the set criterion regarding design, test, inspection and operation of lifting devices and equipment.it also gives guidelines on lifting procedures and certification of personnel allowed to operate lifting devices and equipment. Lifting refers to moving of a load either up or down. Lifting devices comprises of chainblocks, hoists, mobile cranes, overhead cranes, hydra-sets and slings.

In most countries, enforcement of lifting standards is done by the government through designated agencies (C. Wilkinson,2001).The government also enacts occupational health and safety legislations that also contain the standards of lifting. This by itself is the first major challenge when it comes to enforcing the standards for lifting due to the fact that most of these legislations are obsolete and weak. They do not give the agencies and safety inspectors enough power to enforce the standards for lifting. Furthermore, the said legislations do not address current lifting risks hence cannot be enforced on the current work environment. For example most lifting standards being used were set with only factories and workshops in mind and hence making the enforcement in other worksites difficult.

Insufficient resources and manpower also makes enforcement of lifting standards difficult. The number of inspectors required in order to carry out regular safety inspection on lifting operations is lacking in most countries. This therefore forces the inspectors, who are at times ill equipped, to only visit worksite with known major lifting risks.

Enforcement of these standards is further hindered by the fact that most of the standards are unclear from the workers point of view and cannot be used to uphold the law (P. Chaturvedi, 2005).This results from the fact that the workers and the workers unions are usually not involved in drafting the standards making their enforcement an uphill task.

Non-cooperation from the side of the employer is another challenge.it is usually the duty of the employer to train their employees on weight lifting standards and procedures. However most employers do not carry out the training.


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