Experiences play a vital role in molding ones expectations






Experiences play a vital role in molding ones expectations, desires and dreams about the future. Where one lives, the people around an individual comprising the family members, neighbors, colleagues, and teachers actually influence the direction ones life take through sharing of experience, looking back at ones life one cannot help but wonder how much the people around one and the shared experience have made what one is today.

Growing up with a sibling with a variety of handicaps is not easy. Abraham was born deaf and partially blind this in turn affected his growth and speech. All through his life Abraham who was older than me had to be helped to move around especially mother who had been his eyes, feet, and the source of inspiration to Abraham who was always jovial, whenever other family members were at home we took turns to look after Abraham with some neighbors stepping in to help look after him when mum had to rush somewhere. She managed to take Abraham to school which catered for the blind and deaf where he was taught sign language that the other family members learned to communicate with Abraham.

Despite the fact that I was young at that time, my older brothers and sisters told me what happened, and the reason why we were living in the slum and without our father, when Abraham was born life started becoming difficult to the family as Abraham needed special care and money to facilitate it was not forthcoming as dad was only a casual laborer and the money earned was no even enough to sustain the family let alone buy medicine that Abraham so desperately needed all this frustration led dad to his grave and that is when mum moved to the city with us to try and make a living and see to it that me and all my siblings went to school and believe me she made sure that me and my five other siblings including Abraham got the best Education. She would wake up very each morning. Take me and my other siblings to school and later she would go look for manual jobs all day at times, she was not lucky to get a job, but she always told us that one must not loose hope.


Since my mother’s death due to a terminal illness, my brother Abraham lives with me, and my two siblings. Abraham still needs attention and we have to make sure one of us is there for Abraham. At times friends also helps us to take care of him. Even though she is gone, her teachings about never giving up in life live in us and hold the family together. The issue motivated me to work hard and join the university so as to help children with special needs like my brother. My graduation was a year ago and currently am pursuing a masters degree in special education. Looking back and remembering the challenges I faced gives me the spirit to overcome any obstacles that comes my way. Abraham’s disability inspires me to work hard in that there is nothing I cannot achieve as long as am focused. This is because Abraham proved to the family that no matter an individual’s situation one can rise up and achieve his dreams.