Experiences play a vital role in molding ones expectations, desires and dreams about the future.






Experiences play a vital role in molding ones expectations, desires and dreams about the future. Where one lives, the people around an individual comprising the family members, neighbors, colleagues, and teachers actually influence the direction ones life take through sharing of experience, looking back at ones life one cannot help but wonder how much the people around one and the shared experience have made what one is today.

Growing up with as the only kid in a family with a variety of handicaps is not easy. I was born with a disability on my feet this in turn affected my growth and my mobility. All through my life Abraham who was older than me helped to move around especially mother who had been very supportive his eyes, and the source of my motivation to me, She was always jovial, whenever other family members were not at home some neighbors stepped in to help look after me. Mum managed to take me to school where I pursued my education with determination.

After my education I managed to get a job at a call center dealing with the environment where I worked for 12 year but I got tired of working at the desk and answering peoples queries and decided that I will go back to school and better my grades in order to get a better job with better pay I did a course in design and graphics and after years of hard work and not forgetting that by now I was already married to Josh who is my husband of 12 years the balancing act of taking care of the house and attending classes was not easy. After finishing my education I managed to get a job at the Nationwide Insurance where I worked for some time but again calamity struck as on my way to work one day slipped of my wheel chair and fell hurting my shoulders I was given some days off but I extended the sick off by a day and I got fired for changing the date on my sick off card. I filed for workers compensation as I had got injured on the way to work.

I love dogs and when I got fired I decided to dedicate all my time to looking after them especially Casey a dog I adopted 12 years ago she is my life. I got another puppy called Daisy whom I got in Indiana after Josh told me of basset hound that he once had while he was a young boy. I took care of her and decided she would start breeding when she turned 1 and half years and when she did she gave birth to a beautiful litter that I ended keeping one and named her Peppy.


After working at the desk for 12 years the issue motivated me to work hard and join the university my graduation was the best moment of my life. Looking back and remembering the challenges I faced gives me the spirit to overcome any obstacles that come my way. I have learnt that the people and things around someone can influence how someone turns out to be and most of all the family members support can determine if a family member rises from the ground and start again.