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My Experience Moving out of My Parents House for The First Time

It is everybody’s wish to become independent and to move out of their parent’s home at some point in their life. The case was not different for me. I longed for the day when I would finally get to move out of start living alone. I am the firstborn in a family of five. I have two younger siblings. We are a middle-class family that has always enjoyed spending quality time together as a family. When I completed high school, I knew the time that I had always longed for had finally arrived. I would soon be going away to college in a new city and I was very excited for the new experience that awaited me. I always longed to live alone, have my own apartment and live independently. In this essay, I highlight my experiences with living alone and some of the aspects that I did not like about it including the bills, doing chores, and boredom.

To begin with, although living alone was an exhilarating experience for me, I did not enjoy the boredom that comes with it. Back at home, I was used to always having people around me. I was never bored because my siblings and parents were with me all the time. But when I moved out, I encountered a lot of boredom. The only source of entertainment was television that my mother gifted me as I was joining college. I spent most of the time watching shows and chatting with friends online. I was not used to this kind of life but eventually, I got used to it. I was also lucky to land a job near my school which kept me engaged.

Secondly, living alone has its downside in the sense that I had to do all house chores by myself. Back at home, I was used to the division of tasks amongst all members of our households. We had a duty roaster where tasks were assigned amongst by siblings. But with living alone, I had to adapt to doing everything by myself, starting with laundry, doing the dishes, and tidying up. Although I enjoyed the privacy that comes with living alone, at first I struggled but with time I got used to doing everything by myself. To make my work easier, after working for a while, I managed to save up a few coins and purchased a washing machine, and dishwasher which made doing housework easier. Notably, in the first months of moving out, I would hardly cook at home, I used to eat out or order in to avoid the pile-up of dishes. I must confess that doing the dishes is the chore that I dislike the most.

Thirdly, another aspect that I disliked about living alone was the bills. When I was moving out, I knew that I would have to work extra hard to cater to my bills. During the summer after completing high school, I took up a part-time job at a restaurant and I was saving funds that would facilitate my relocation. When I eventually moved out, I had saved up enough funds to start life but little did I know that I was in for a ride. I knew that living alone was expensive but not to this extent. I had to pay $650 in rent and pay for utilities. My monthly budget came to approximately $1500 per month. It is a good thing that my parents were there to support me financially at the time. To boost my finances, I found a part-time job that helped me cater to my bills comfortably. Back at my parent’s house, I did not have to worry about paying bills as I was under their care.

In closing, I am glad that I decided to move out of my parents when I did. Living alone has been the best experience ever. It has impacted my life greatly by teaching me about saving, responsibility, and living independently. I have grown as a person and the experience enabled me to rediscover my potential. I am grateful that my parents were supportive during the experience. Paying bills, doing chores by myself, and dealing with loneliness are just a few of the hurdles that one should expect if they plan to move out of their parents at an early age. All in all, living alone brings one so much satisfaction and not forgetting the privacy and freedom that comes with it.