Executive Summary & Business Model Canvas

Executive Summary & Business Model Canvas

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Executive summary

Company description

Crystal Care Limited is an upcoming company aimed at providing skin care products for men. The Crystal Care Limited wishes to introduce men skin care products mostly oily that have never been produced before. The company was established after a clear look at the beauty industry where most entrepreneurs concentrate on female products. The development of male skin care products will come as a surprise for many and the business is expected to registered high sales within the first year of operation. In the current business environment, marketing involves identifying and satisfying customer needs. The beauty world has gone a step ahead to produce products aimed at improving the look of men.

Mission statement

The mission of Crystal Care Limited is to become the premier provider of oily skin solutions to men. Crystal Care limited is dedicated to provision of a solution to men whose skins produce a lot of oil due to active oil glands. The products are aimed at regulating and controlling the production of sebum.

Products and services

The main product that Crystal Care Limited wishes to introduce to the market is the Bio-organic Mask. This product has highly purified absorbent and mineral rich volcanic deposits. The product of Crystal Care Limited will be different from those already in the market because it has excellent purifying and detoxifying properties for cleansing blocked pores while exposing well-refined pores that nourish the skin. On the other hand, the business plan will focus on value proposition since the company aims at targeting men with self respect, high integrity, and crystal men. The target market for the products at Crystal Care is working class men because they always look smart

Financial forecast

Crystal Care Limited is a high retailing company that wishes to make annual profits of between $100,000 and $200,000. The company wishes to expand its stores to different parts of the country by opening 5 more retail stores at the end of year one at a total cost of $40,000. The company will start by employing six employees for the first two months then increase the number as more revenues are generated. The company management believes that by concentrating on full time marketing of products more people will be attracted to the business, hence achieve the forecasted profits within a one year period.

Business Model Canvas

This is strategic management and marketing tool that will be used in describing the design, invent, challenges and pivot of Crystal Care Limited business plan. The canvas provides marketers with solutions to reach their target audience. The table below shows the business model canvas that Crystal Care Limited will utilize in developing its business plan. The canvas will involve nine key elements; Key partners, key activities, value proposition, customer segment, key resources, sales channels, cost structure and revenue streams. The following elements make up the business model canvas that will be used in developing a perfect business strategy for Crystal Care Limited. In addition, the business module canvas will assist in establishing the most important functions by using IPA grid in the customer support sector. A business plan without a business module canvas always misses out on some crucial information required to achieve a competitive advantage.

Crystal Care Limited Business Model

Key Partners

-Skin care product providers

-Oil manufacturers

-Government agencies Key Activities

(market development) Value propositions

-Manage and build professional identity and professional networks.

-Target market

-Oil product

-Innovation Relationship



-Support services

-Knowledge management

-Sales automation Customer Segments

-Working class men

-Retail shops

Key Resources

Bio-organic Mask sales revenues Channels

Company website Cost structure


Production department

Marketing Revenue Streams

Licensing the business

Promoting new product

Registering with relevant authority