Sony’s Executive summary

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Sony’s Visions, missions and values is strategically running to attain its goals. Sony’s mission is A company that inspires and fulfils its customer’s curiosity. The customer’s desires are met since they only dream of a device with improved technology to meet their needs and Sony ensures it creates that to fulfil their dream. Sony company aims to innovate new and unique values so as to provide their customers with exciting and inspiring environment. Customers values are deemed to change due to technology advancement. Sony’s responds to change management so as to be on point to meet customer’s values. Sony’s vision has unlimited desire for technology and firm pursuit for innovation to deliver to customer’s new lifestyle and entertainment that no other brand can. The customer’s priority are Sony’s first endeavors to create things of customer’s imagination. Sony’s mission is to offer exceptional products and services to their customers and its new division is called HOS (Bursk, Edward & Dan 2000).

This new division offers Hospitality services to its customer to enhance their customers to work on more important things as their products and services are taken to a higher level. HOS includes the performance 14-point inspection which are: delivery, proper display mounting, installation, configurations, wiring tuner installations, configuring and testing displays, channel mapping and more depending on customer’s imagination. HOS is meant for informing consumers of existing Sony products as well as the new introduced to the market to create awareness. Sony uses the balance score card as its performance measurement framework so as to formulate and plan in correlation to its strategy by linking its values with long term strategic goals. Sony’s strategic plan is guided by four types of perspectives. Thus customer value, financial profitability, internal business process and organizational capacity perspectives. Sony’s organizational capacity allows for learning and growth to enhance a successful knowledge worker organization. Sony has created tactics and strategies in order to maintain its level of performance at top to its competitors. It produces market share, customer base and employee’s satisfaction (Roy, 2016).

The society is gaining from Sony’s corporate responsibility as Sony maintains its ethical manner to the highest standards. Any stake holder or interested prospects would want such an organization to invest in since this strategy shows Sony’s future is guaranteed to have business inclination. Generally, the strategic plan and mapping allows the organization to produce desirable results. Sony is the leading manufacturer of “imagine” and “innovate” to satisfy customers curiosity (Matsumoto & et.al.,2012).


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