Examples of genre

Examples of genre

There are many types of genres especially in the literary world. The genres that are used in most cases include:


This is among the most popular form of genre. No wonder texts written in this genre sell very quickly. It is popular because it touches on the core aspects of human life. This genre is also very flexible to allow other types of genres to be incorporated in it.


The stories narrated in this genre are mostly investigative and shrouded with mystery. They usually involve stories to do with crime. This whereby a mysterious criminal commits an offence and leaves the detectives guessing collecting clues all over in a bid to solve the mystery.

Science fiction

The text in this genre mostly involve with fictional stories in the imaginary world. They in most cases try to create a picture of what man might discover in the future. They bring the imaginary world into the real world. This genre is mostly popular with science lovers only.

Action and adventure

In this genre the stories are mostly concentrated on action packed activities. This is whereby the hero and the villain after a successive series of hunting one another finally reach the climax where they face to settle their feuds. The hero in most cases carries the day as the story’s climax falls to a conclusion (Gelder, 46).


This genre contains stories whose plot is horrifying. This is the kind of genre where suspense is best employed. The reader or audience is always keen to know what will happen to a given character.


There inspirational texts especially in theology. These are texts that are written with a sole purpose of motivating and encouraging the readers. They are written in such a way that they create a sense of hope (Gelder, 48).

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