Example of no-Business un-ethical cases

Example of no-Business un-ethical cases





Lying to your spouse about how much money you spent. 

There was this day that I had just received my Salary. I know my spouse has been faithful in all his finances, and usually revealed everything to me. From my salary we had agreed to spend part of the money (1/3) to buy a chair and the rest put for investment. I wanted to send my mother money and I did not want my spouse to know. I lied that the seat was purchased at higher price. That was un-ethical.

Lying to your parents about where you were for the evening.

When Friday calls, it is obvious it’s a family gathering. We normally meet on Friday evenings for advices and prayers. There was this evening that I behaved un-ethically. I had left the house and promised to return some minutes to six but could not make it. I had a bash in a friend’s house. When confronted to reveal where I was, I lied that I went to share homework with a friend.

Stealing money from mother’s handbag. 

It was my turn, and everyone was looking at me, right in the eye. Yes, I had no money but what could I do. It was merry-go-round and everyone had been contributing faithful. This Friday, I did not have money and instead of asking my parents, I went and took from her handbag with promise to return before she realized.

Lying on your resume in order to get a job. 

There was this job advertised in the dailies. Among the job requirements was advanced SPSS analysis skills. The job looked lucrative with good wages but I had known nothing to do with SPSS leave alone advanced excel. I decided to lie in the resume that I was conversant with SPSS.

Talking about a friend behind his back. 

I normally loath and know that back-biting is a crime. There was this day that it like chocked me to keep it to myself. My friend Salim had revealed to me that they broke with her boyfriend and did not want anyone to know. I promised to keep quiet about it. The next day, I met Salome, and I revealed this to her.

Taking credit for work you did not do. 

We normally work together with Salim, and in fact, in most projects. Salim has been a good faithful friend and I have grown to be close to her all this long. There was this project that we did and was to be paid $100 for all of us. When the payment day came, I turned up early and took the whole amount promising Salim to repay her. That was un-ethical since we need to learn to live on our pockets.

Cheating on a school paper by copying it off the Internet. 

The term paper came. I knew I had missed few classes but I had to clear this exam. The first through third questions were familiar to me. The subsequent questions, I could not handle. I then realized I had a phone, I took it secretly, searched the internet and copied.

Using your position of power to harass someone. 

Judith was not a type I liked in my class. Yes, I sat directly opposite her but we could not look each other in the eye. There was this day I was asked to collect books after assignments for marking. It happened that Judith had not cleared here assignment. She asked me to allow her 20 minutes, and of course deadline was not yet), but I refused and took the books leaving her.

Selling a house and not disclosing known defects to the buyers. 

There was a burning desire inside us to shift to the new house. We really wanted to evacuate but preferred selling the house. My friend Anna came up to purchase. The kitchen and bathroom walls had cracks but they were white-washed to it became difficult to realized. We lied to her that everything was well and house in good conditions. Soon after she realized this and it caused problems.

Selling a car and lying about the vehicle’s accident history. 

New cars come and go, change in technology, preference etcetera had just pushed us to buy a new car. We decided to sell our car to enable us have sufficient funds. Previously, in like two or three months before, our car had had an accident. We decided to lie about this and sold the car off.