Evolution Of Law Enforcement

Evolution Of Law Enforcement

Law enforcementĀ is an organized imposition of the law in a society, govern its implementation and punishing those who go astray. In US the evolution of law enforcement has grown by a significant margin in the 19th century and has been effected greatly by technology advancement. Various events led to shaping and enhancing evolution in law implementation are not limited to civil war and cold war among others. These contributed to growth of policing tactics.

Civil war

These was the war 1963 to late 1960s. It was the deadliest war in United States of America that left over 600,000 people died in combat of the Civil War or died from diseases that emanated from the struggle.

Impacts of civil war

This war being the first modern war in terms of the equipment and tactics used which were not limited to hot air balloons, land mines, advanced rifles, introduction of the first machine gun. Trench warfare, ironclad ship and the manufacture of submarines were stated.

The military received valuable education via semi-formal support systems of schooling that armed them with a unique quality education in military art and science. This has led to improvement of communication and training whereby internet, cellphones, laser lights has been evolved by the needs of improvement in policing.

The law enforcers embarked on research on use of less deadly force which would help in operations. The wireless video camera embedded in a working flashlight, worder gadgets e.g. infokall are among the technology ideas gained in the operation. This were implemented later.

Improvements in automobile sector. Fast and highly improved automobiles such as fast moving vehicles that are strong to operate in different types of loads. Moreover, war planes and jets and fighting jets were also improved to ensure they provided maximum service to the military during the war.

Cold war

The cold war refers to the state of political and military tensions between powers in unite states and the Sovient union and Warsaw pact. The super power countries possessed nuclear weapons and other deadly weapons and threated with mutually assured destruction which they met indirectly. This led to psychological strains among the soldier and made them every day to think of making powerful powers that could make their rivals to be afraid of attacking.


The government money was being used unwisely since they were used in purchasing the weapons so that the government kept its superiority powers over the countries that were against them. This is how the upkeep and expansion of the Army used a lot of money than improvement of the economy.

Significant development in Intelligent Transportation System has evolved strongly and are brought online. The agencies involved in this did use the techniques that are not obsolete, hence enhancing good flow of information to various places. This improved the public safety.


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