Event Log for an Off-Campus Career Fair

Event Log for an Off-Campus Career Fair

This event log will be on an off-campus event known as the Midlands Career Fair. It is an event, which is held annually, and its main intention is to attract students who wish to gain employment in leading companies. Provided below is an event log of the Midlands Career Fair, which I attended most recently.

Monday 2 December 9.00 a.m- Arrived at the Midland Career Fair and there were more than one hundred companies in attendance. They were all from different sectors of employment and had their representatives who were to guide students on how to take the right career path. I registered my attendance at the entrance of the career fair.

9.10-9.10.30- I went to the hospitality section of the career fair, since this is where my interest lies. I met with representatives from the Hilton and Crown Plaza resorts. They each gave a presentation of their individual companies. Later on, I took a business card of the human resources manager at the local Hilton hotel chain.

10-30-11.00- There was some special entertainment being provided by a local band and I spent thirty minutes listening to their enjoyable music. At the same time, I bought some coffee and sipped it until I decided to continue checking out other stands at the career fair.

11.00- 12.30- It was announced that a local wealthy businessman would be giving a presentation to people who were interested in becoming entrepreneurs. I therefore, went to the auditorium and sat, as I listened to the guest speaker of the day. It learnt quite a lot from the businessman as well as gaining tips on how to start my own business. Afterwards I went home to reflect on the day’s happenings.