Event Journal (LinkedIn – Compulsory)

Event Journal (LinkedIn – Compulsory)

Fig 1: A request sent to join a group

Personally, I do find it quite interesting how LinkedIn manages to connect individuals from various backgrounds or setups to a given business community. As a future professional in the business field, this gives me a satisfaction that I can be able to connect with some of my mentors as well as gain knowledge from some of the leading personalities in my future field of my profession. Given that my career would constitute a large part of my life in the future, it is vital that I get to acquire knowledge on some of the tips and advices that could make me a better employee, manager or a colleague in the future.

While it can be said that everyone has his or her own way of functioning even if we are brought up under the same training, it cannot be undermined that various tips and advices can cut across everyone’s’ career life irrespective of one’s field or position. Having connected with other individual’s as well as participate in a business group in LinkedIn I have come to the realization that I am still far behind in terms of training even though I have undergone a given amount of training. In other words, there are certain skills that one can learn overtime since it is not taught in school. For example, while working under a given company business or company, as an employee, one should not be afraid of messing up since one should use these mistakes as a learning curve if they are to succeed in their careers. Just like Inkson, Dries and Arnold (2015) argue that in career specialization is important, I tend to agree with this statement. Having used the LinkedIn site and connected with various individuals, I have realized that most of them have emphasized on specialization in a particular field in their biography and this reiterates the above statement.


Inkson K, Dries N and Arnold J 2015, ‘Career and metaphor’, in, Understanding careers, Sage Publications, London, pp 9-32.

Professional Networking Activity One

Fig 1: Image of the LinkedIn account profile

First of all, I have come to the realization that precise and specialized skills are an essential part of an individual’s professional connection network. Through this, it has given me assurance that if I can be able to put myself on the map based on my expertise I can be able to connect with a majority of colleagues within similar field, whether they are new to the field or experienced. As a result, this has enabled me to be calm and patient. Normally, upon completing studies, at times, it is hard for one to know where to start from and most of the times, this process can be tormenting and stressful. However, I have learned that if I can be able to build connection at an earlier stage this will enable me to reposition myself in a path that would shine a light in my professional career.

At the same time, I have learned that there are a variety of skills that I ought to gain if I am to find better opportunities in my future career. Most of the successful individuals in their careers have managed to do so due to the knowledge and the skills they have gained over time. If I am to be successful, I will have to be open to acquiring knowledge. Just like Lang and McNaught (2015), discusses the role of reflection in a business capstone project, I have come to realize that this is a reality. Using LinkedIn profiles, I am able to assess the profile of some of the heavyweights in the business industry and this enables me to reflect on myself. Besides, self-awareness is a vital aspect of employability. I am able to have a look at the specific training and the skills I would have to undergo and gain overtime. Generally, through the activity I am able to establish my professional identity and as a result, this would enable me to fit well not only in my future job place but also the society.


Lang R and McNaught K 2013, ‘Reflective practice in a capstone business internship subject’, Journal of International Education in Business, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 7-21.

Professional Networking Activity Two (Missing screenshot since account is not activated-won’t send an invite)

Sending an invite made me appreciate the contribution of other people in my professional career life. Besides, as a future member in the business field it is important to acknowledge the impact of team work and this can be depicted by building a professional network in the LinkedIn platform. Just like also, being a leader, participative approach has proven to be a vital component of enhancing work performance. As a future leader in the business world, it enables me to feel confident about myself since by the time I am through with my education.

As a future business personality, by connecting with other individuals, I have also learned to appreciate the role of a community. I do believe that as an individual, one should always be willing to build friendships and bonds with individuals from different fields or the same fields. Besides, as an individual I can learn from my colleagues whether they are experienced or new in the given field. By connecting with other individuals on the LinkedIn platform I was intrigued by the value of experience that I do lack. However, If I do manage to build viable and vital connections, with time, I would gain experiences by acquiring knowledge from some of the tips that the experienced business individuals would share on the platform. The impact of the activity relates to the readings by Lang and McNaught (2013) when they argue that exposure and awareness (internship) enables students to feel empowered and ready to enter the graduate employment labor market after developing their professional identity. Connecting with other individuals would enable me to identify my professional identity and this is in terms of the path I have chosen as well as what it takes to be successful. Just like Inkson, Dries and Arnold (2015) argue that there is more to careers than the initial choices. Generally, being confident and successful in one’s career is dependent on the individual understanding their professional identity.


Inkson K, Dries N and Arnold J 2015, ‘Career and metaphor’, in, Understanding careers, Sage Publications, London, pp 9-32.

Lang R and McNaught K 2013, ‘Reflective practice in a capstone business internship subject’, Journal of International Education in Business, Vol. 6 No. 1, pp. 7-21.

Professional Networking Activity Three

Fig 1: Image of group member request

First of all, participating in these groups was satisfying and interesting since I was able not only to converse with some of the experienced and new personalities in the business but also exposed to some of the ideas that one can incorporate in his or her professional journey. As a student, this is a great opportunity for me to acquire all the important and vital knowledge that I can acquire. At the same time, it made me calm and refreshed having a look at some of the creative intellect of some of the experienced personalities in my future career. At the same time, I realized that if I have to the realization that I have to remodify my skills if I am to be viable in my future career. This is as a result of the reality that at last, there might not be job opportunities in the future due to the rate at which the technology is advancing.

In the future, more skilled workers are likely to be employed compared to those who are highly skilled. However, these skills are not based on school training but rather how one can operate these machines that would take over peoples’ jobs. One of the advanced technology causing waves in the industry is Artificial Intelligence (AI). These feature relates to the weekly reading of Jones (2016), who argues that the current job market requires a hybrid type of an employee. Also, even though the technology threatens the job market, there would still be new jobs, but this would depend on how potential employees do position themselves in the job market.


Jones M, 2016 ‘Yes, robots will steal our jobs, but don’t worry, we’ll get new ones’, The Conversation.

Professional Networking Activity Four

Fig 1: Image of a LinkedIn post

The activity of creating the LinkedIn post, it was a refreshing experience given that I was able to display my creative intellect in form of writing. At the same time, it made me feel motivated to become successful since I do so I would have the opportunity of sharing my experience to those who need it inform of writing. Besides, most of the individuals who have been successful have always ended up being authors in sharing their experiences and their ideas. One thing I did learn about myself through the activity is that I am a good communicator since I was able to model and create a message on the need for students to network if they were to be successful in their professional career.

At the same time, I had the opportunity of coming across some of the advantages of networking too. For example, one can use avenues such as linked into a network, while others may use other resources such as face to face interactions or dependent on mentors to help them develop their professional network. Ultimately, everyone has to find what works for him or her, if they are to be successful in their professional career be it in journalism, business, or management, among others. In other words, before graduating one has to have his or her professional identity. In return, this makes us employable as there are several qualities that can be ticked off (Hinchliffe G and Jolly, p.575). Generally, communication is essential since it makes networking effective and efficient.


Hinchliffe G and Jolly A, 2011, ‘Graduate identity and employability’, British Educational Research Journal, vol. 37, no. 4, pp, 563-584.

Professional Activity 5

Professional Activity 6