evaluation of opinions

The entitlement to freely express and hold one’s opinion is one of the most fundamental things in human life. This freedom is a core ideal in the formation of most constitutions in the world. In this regard people should not face any restrictions from addressing issues affecting them. It is crucial to note that the society should equally value peoples’ opinions.

According to Nielsen (89), people’s opinions deserve equal treatment in common topics. This is in line with most constitutions which allow freedom of expression. Common issues are factors that affect the daily lives of an ordinary person. Individuals face common problems such as insecurity in many societies. These problems differ according to the individuals. It is instrumental for everyone to give their views on such a grave matter. This is nce

Individuals’ opinions should face even appreciation as a means towards preventing violent conflicts. This is because individuals achieve a sense of belonging when other individuals regard their views. This is necessary in preventing conflicts within a country. There is a high tendency for violent conflicts when people suppress others’ opinions. Valuing each ones opinion is an easier way of preventing such conflicts.

According to Smith (256), all people’s views deserve consideration on vital national processes. In a country, vital processes include elections, national budgeting, census and referendum. For instance, in elections all eligible citizens should express their views by voting. This is because individual face different needs that require consideration in communal matters. A society considers all the issues that affect a given situation by including everyone views

It is discernible that all peoples’ views face equal consideration. This is crucial for peaceful conflict resolutions by ensuring uniform consideration of individual views. Uniform valuation of views is also important in establishing individual needs and problems. In national processes such as elections and census, equal appreciation of people’s opinions is necessary for the success of these events.

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