Eads Of Courage Logic Model

Eads Of Courage Logic Model


Activities Participants

Training On-site training for staff that covers research and the science behind psychosocial interventions.

nurses, doctors, child life specialists and social workers


(training manuals, membership bead guides and more) Educate the pediatric patients pediatric patients

Beads of Courage, Inc Provides all hospitals the necessary program materials accompanied by education, training and support.

Ongoing support for the staff during the longevity of the program

Beads of Courage team,

Beads Establish cheaper and efficient ways of designing beads for the program Beads of Courage, Inc

Money Equip hospitals with the necessary program’s materials and provide basic education, training and support to implement the Beads of Courage Program. Sponsors, hospital management.

Measurement System

Regular collection to determine satisfactory performance by staff and that the target population is adequately reached Beads of Courage team, hospital management,

How would you measure and monitor the number of children receiving the Beads of Courage program on a pediatric unit? (question about coverage)

Close cooperation and collaboration between the hospital pediatric unit and the Bead of courage team is of paramount as data collected are shared and analyses regularly. A monitoring unit will be set to ensure there is fair coverage of the program

How would you monitor if children receiving the Beads of Courage program are the intended target? (eligibility)

A central database of all the new pediatric patients are kept and shared. An evaluation system should be in place to ensure only patients who participate are given beads.

How would you monitor and measure if children are receiving the proper amount, type and quality of services for the Beads of Courage program? (question about incomplete, wrong or non-standardized intervention)

Carry out regular audits on the pediatric patient records to ensure the medical procedure undergone tallies with the bead type. A random sampling of patients will be carried out by the “Beads of Courage” team to counter check the information in the records.

How would you monitor and measure if staffing is sufficient in numbers and competencies for functions that must be performed for the Beads of Courage program? (organizational support)

Regular staff appraisal will be done to ensure staff delivers quality service. The staff and patient data will regular be collect and the ratios computed to ensure the staff-to-patient ratio is kept at an acceptable proportion

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