Each and every person in the world has a unique personality

Behavioral Style Assessment

Each and every person in the world has a unique personality. The personality of a person can be clearly seen in different environment such as public functions, workplace, and even at home. Personality can also be seen when one is faced with a situation, such as when faced with a disaster, when under stress, and pressure. A person’s personality can also be seen in the way a person communicates with the others, greet other people, and even eye contact.

The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment is one way that can help a person to assess not only the behavior of other people but also personal behavior. The module looks at how people behave in different scenarios and situations. Under the module behavioral styles are divided into four styles, the dominance style, the interactive style, the steadiness style, and the cautious style.

Dominance style (D Style)

This people who fall under this group are motivated by two main needs, which are the need to be in control and the need to achieve. The persons under this group are very much relaxed when in control of people and situations, they are also very bold and courageous enough even to bend rules. The D styles are always ready to accept challenges; they work very well by themselves, but get annoyed very fast.

Interactive style (I Style)

The interactive style people are very enthusiastic, they are “more relationship Oriented than task oriented.” The I styles love to work outside the office than in the office. The main strength for I styles is their charm, warmth, enthusiasm, and persuasiveness. The other most significant attribute of the I styles is their communications skills not only with individuals but also with groups. These attributes helps them to have influence over people.

Steadiness style (S Style)

The S styles are very nurturing, warm, and supportive. This group of people are very good listeners, they are very devoted friends, and are very loyal employees. They are exceptional team players, good planners, courteous, and persistent. The S styles do not like taking risks they better stay in very unpleasant environment than take a risk. There weakness is that they can become very distressed when disrupted severely. They are also very slow in making decisions.

Cautious style(C Styles)

The C Styles are task oriented people, they like tangible results. Most of the time, they are almost entirely in control of their emotions. They always have high expectations of themselves and others, but they have some weaknesses. They become very irritated by surprises and glitches, they are also very skeptical. They are slow in making decisions but are very deliberate.


From the results of the DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment carried out on two members of my group namely Stephen Price and Yasser Addassi I was able to identify their strength and weaknesses. The module also advises on what a person can do to improve on the weaknesses so as to be able to work with other people without unnecessary hitches.

Stephen Price

On assessment Stephen was found to have tendencies such as wanting to change the way things are done, performing at his own standards, in ability to express inner most feelings or thoughts. He also had the tendency of seeking to have control over procedures, people and situations; furthermore he has the tendency of trying to accomplish what is considered as unusual. He had fears of not being able to meet self imposed obligations; Stephen was also very demanding and more detached when under pressure.

From the tendencies that Stephen portrays it can be ascertained that he falls under the category of Dominance style. This is because the primary goal that motivates Stephen is being in a position where he is in charge. He tends to focus more on the future than what is happening at the moment or what happened in the past. He has a passion for accomplishing unique tasks finally he likes to leave things better than he found them.

Yasser Addassi

After undergoing the assessment Addassi was found to have tendencies such as the desire to get results with flair, judging others according to their knack to make things turn out. Working much harder when there is a risk involved or a reward. Yasser is vey much concerned about looking bad and becomes very restless and short tempered when under pressure.

From the tendencies that Yasser displays it can be pointed out that Yasser is in the category of impresser. This is because the main motivation for Yasser is the yearning to have things done with style; is very sensitive to the feelings of other people and is not ready to win at any cost.


Behavior is something that one can change, every category has some strength amd weaknesses, thus the most important aspect is to first be able to ascertain the group that one falls in so that one can be able to work on the weaknesses and improve on the strengths. The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment only gives all the people a chance to be able to assess others as well as themselves so as to enhance better relation ship between different people. Knowing the weakness of another person as well as the strength goes along way in helping to combat conflicts among people.