Ducati Monster advertising strategies



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I really love the Ducati Monster advertising because of its clarity and naturalness. The Ducati advertisement is actually one of its kinds because even the website is provided to ease communication and interaction with potential customers. The motorbike really seems perfect to me because I love them. The fact that there are different colors just provides uniqueness of the Ducati Monster motorbike. The motorbike just looks super and seems to be moving very fast, almost the same speed as the Cheetah on the advertisement. I feel so passionate about the motorbike particularly considering the shape which almost resembles the cheetah’s speed. The motorbike just seems comfortable and enjoyable to any rider who loves sporting. The Ducati monster would not be assumed by anyone who loves sports especially because of its unique sport nature. What interests me most is the styling of the motorbike which provides a comfortable feeling when the rider is exposed outdoors. The lovely color of the motorbike would actually attract attention of everyone who adores colors even if the person does not love motorbikes.

The Ducati Monster motorbike makes me have a real natural taste of an animal ride thus prompting me to feel like it is actually a lifestyle I should adopt. The Ducati Monster motorbike seem to be the fastest motorbike from the advertisement and this makes me cherish it even more because I can ride faster than vehicles. The motorbike shape which looks like the Cheetah’s shape makes it look very flexible especially while moving past many vehicles. Motorbikes normally give me freedom and enjoyment I love more so when I bring things into focus while riding. I find it enjoyable to see nature around and appreciate the beauty of everything around me while riding. While on the motorbike, I really feel in control of almost everything around me.

The Nike advertisement is just awesome especially the green color of the shoe that makes it very attractive. The quality of the shoe is indeed very high due to the innovative nature of using the thread. The shoe actually looks classy and very attractive. The use of the cotton thread makes it look very comfortable. The shoe portrays the company’s commitment to introducing the best innovative footwear in the market because of its unique design. This shoe can really inspire and communicate a lot of information to the audience. The green color of the shoe simply makes it look very natural and nature friendly. The color makes it look very cool and comfortable to the wearer. The advertisement is very clear and the writings are too big to be avoided.

I love the shoes because they are very comfortable especially while playing. I do cherish sports so much and any sportswear particularly from Nike Company. The company has a record of making some of the best brands of shoes and I am one of its loyal customers. Associating me with Nike Inc. is a good experience and privilege to me. I love being regarded as someone in the high status and that is exactly what I get from the shoes. These shoes’ comfort that is derived from their design and material used to manufacture it may really improve an athlete’s performance and reduce foot injury. These shoes are very flexible and simple thus enabling flexible performance as toes will be able to stretch and clasp.

The TOMS advertisement does not impress me but I have a friend called Sam who really loves stylish shoes. The guy is just crazy about fashion. He would always want to match the shoes with his clothes. He really enjoys going out with friends while in the latest fashion shoes or clothes. Sam loves recognition while in the group particularly if someone would just appreciate his attires. He is an individual who can take even 30 minutes thinking about what to wear for an occasion or on a weekend. These shoes are really the best fit for Sam and I have seen him with a few pairs of these kinds. The shoes actually match his casual wears such as jeans and linen trousers. The advertisement by TOMS can appeal to the market segment of youths who love fashion. The youths must be from high class society who may be capable and willing to buy the shoes. Varieties of shoes shown in the advertisement offer an opportunity to choose from many. The market segment should have people who love casual clothes.

The Cover girl, though does not please me, it can really be appreciated by my close friend Anita. The girl really loves make ups and beautiful look. Anita usually loves Rihanna and the use of Rihanna on the Cover girl will really be attractive to her. In most cases she listens to Rihanna’s songs and would always try to emulate Rihanna in many ways such as the make ups and hairstyle. Anita enjoys the celebrity’s lifestyle in many ways and has always been questioned by her close friends if there could be any blood connection between her and Rihanna. Her voice sounds very similar to Rihanna’s. The product can really sell amongst the young youthful ladies and even aged women who would always want to look younger than their age. Associating the product with a celebrity makes the product to be saleable almost everywhere around the world. Rihanna is known almost by everyone even young children and therefore the young ones would also enjoy the covergirl.

The Rod Miller advertisement is just not appealing and I cannot even imagine anybody who would love it. Although it looks like an electronic gadget, there is no much information about the product. The advertisement does not pass any information. I would take more hours trying to figure out what kind of product this advertisement is advertising instead of understanding it instantly. The advertisement is very boring and I cannot even imagine anyone being attracted to it. Furthermore, the colors used in the advertisement are not appealing to the audience. One cannot figure out the market segment of this product. I think the company did not do well in this advertisement and the eventual result must have been very poor.