Double Slit Experiment

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Double Slit Experiment

This experiment was first performed by Thomas Young and therefore it is sometimes referred to as Young’s experiment. His experiment was from the discussions that light behaved like a wave. It was after this experiment that took place in the early 1800s that physicists in the next century spent a lot of time researching this principle of the properties of light. Thomas allowed light to pass through a slit within a barrier. This theory, therefore, demonstrates that little properties of matter have something of a wave within them. Thomas wanted to identify the wave behavior of light. When light passes through a slit and the slits are narrowed the light can diffract into a geometrical shadow. Therefore forming the interference pattern.

De Broglie’s theory asserts that all kinds of matter contain some wave-like characteristic. Albert Einstein came up with the photon theory and therefore the question of its acceptability in other fields apart from its application to light only became a question of great concern. He stated that the wavelength of lambda and its relationship to momentum p could determine the wavelength of any matter. The wavelength is called the de Broglie wavelength. His theory showed that the double-slit theory was not just a theory to prove the behavior of light but also a very important principle produced by both matter and radiation.

The principle of uncertainty by Heisenberg states that it is not fully possible to determine the position or momentum of an object. It is a very significant principle in the quantum physics world as it explains it is impossible to measurement of more than one quantum principle simultaneously.

Almost everything has a wave and particle as shown above. However, Einstein’s theory is used currently to describe the model of an atom in the contemporary world. De Broglie proposed and came up with the assertion that electrons do have properties of waves. Through an electron microscope, there is an improvement towards the understanding of the atom. Even though we cannot be explicit there is a lot of information regarding the nature of an atom as well as the nature of the properties of atoms which are protons and electrons.

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