Donald Duck

Donald Duck

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Donald Duck


Based on the information provided during the psychological evaluation, Donald uses one liter of alcohol twice a week, four 20-dollar bags of cannabis in a day, and purchases four Xanax pills daily. Therefore, Donald Duck is diagnosed with alcohol use disorder, cannabis use disorder, and sedative/hypnotic use disorder.

Current Issues and Concerns

One of the current issues being encountered by Donald is anxiety and depression. During the assessment, Donald disclosed to the clinician that he has been having depression symptoms since he was 17 years after he was hit by a car which made him lose friends due to his inability to progress with his education for a year and a half. Furthermore, living in isolation is also another issue with Donald Duck. He just feels sad, hides in his apartment and he does not call anyone which may not be good for someone who has experienced depression symptoms.

Another concern is that Donald stated that he has had plans to kill himself at some point. Another concern from his assessment is that he has demonstrated symptoms of lower back pain when he has not used drugs and observed swellings in his hands and fingers in the previous month. He also has red blotches located on his throat and beak.

Agency Concerns

The concern of the agency regarding Donald Duck is his suicidal thoughts. In the lethality assessment, Donald indicates that he has had thoughts of killing himself. The agency offers a safety plan by linking Donald with a suicide hot line and crisis unit within his area. Besides, the agency also recommends him to call 911 whenever suicidal thoughts cross his mind.

Who can offer SupportDonald can get help from people close to him and psychologists or counselors. In the assessment, Donald indicates that his family supports him. Therefore, they can be in a better position to talk to support him through the recovery process. Even though he does not call anyone, Donald says that his friends come over to the apartment. These friends can offer Donald support and help him get better.

Type of treatment Needed by Donald Duck

Rehabilitation is needed for Donald to get over drug and substance use. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the form of treatment that will be ideal for Donald. This form of therapy has been proven to be effective in treating substance use disorders as well as anxiety and depression (McHugh et al., 2010; Gautam et al., 2020). Therefore, Donald needs this form of therapy in order to get over alcohol, cannabis, and sedative/hypnotic use disorders. Besides, the therapy can also help in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, Donald also needs to visit a primary care provider who can treat the swellings on his hands and fingers as well as the red blotches on his neck and beak.

Final Observations

Overall, it is evident that Donald Duck needs help with his current issues. For him to get into the military which is his passion, he needs to get over drug and substance abuse. The fact that he has tried to get help after the recommendation from Mickey Mouse indicates that he is somehow willing to make a change. People close to him need to offer support to help him get over the rehabilitation which is an easy process. If he can get through the process, then he may be in a better position to join the military.


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