Domestic Violence On Women

Domestic Violence On Women

Numerous research have been conducted in an attempt to try and explain the effects that domestic violence has on women that had previously experienced domestic violence but escaped and the way they relate to their teenage girlsEmerging research shows that there are harmful effects which can impact negatively on the parenting behaviors that are depicted by women who have gone through domestic violence in a family. Women that have suffered abuse might live with elevated stress levels which will eventually impact on how they relate and respond to their children particularly their teen girls. Preoccupation by women on trying to avoid physical attacks as well as trying to cope with violence pose another challenge in the efforts they try to make when it comes to offering safety, support and nurturing their teenage girls. Teenage girls are at a vulnerable stage of development and hence they need a lot of care and time from their mothers who will help their transition.. Due to the fact that women who are exposed to domestic violence have no time for their teenage daughters then the girls will be vulnerable to peer pressure or other emotional pressure which can impact their lives negatively (Lien, 2003).

Studies have also shown that women victims of domestic violence have the likelihood of mistreating their children .this will mean that the women will have relationships that are strained with their teenage girls. Majority of the victims of domestic violence are not bad, abusive or ineffective when it comes to parenting. Research has however noted that domestic violence is one of the stressors which can have a negative impact on parenting. Therefore given the research and facts on the impact of domestic violence on the techniques of parenting it is mandatory for victims to receive services that will help them reduce their distress which would otherwise affect how they relate to their teenage girls (Lien, 2003).Researchers also suggest that children particularly teen girls who are raised in families where their mothers are victims of domestic violence tend to assume a parental role and often assume the role of the mother and hence lead to conflicting relationships between teenage girls and mothers.

All these research are in agreement with each other since they all show that domestic violence has a negative impact on how teenage girls and their mother relate. The weakness of the research conducted previously is that they only focus on the teenage girl and the mother; they however leave out the abuser. Therefore if I am to carry out any research on the issue I will ensure that I will factor in the abuser in the research.


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