Do Ho Suh in the film stories is filmed outside Painting his childhood


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Do Ho Suh in the film stories is filmed outside Painting his childhood. He says that once his fortune teller told him that he had five horses implying that he had to travel a lot, illuminates the concept behind the artist’s transportable fabric sculpture. From the film, the themes of homesickness, private and public space exist. Besides military conflict, conformity and differences, as well as the relationship of the arts to architecture, are addressed by the artist as he installs an exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum and travels between his life and the studio in New York and a life full of memory and family ties in Seoul South Korea. Cai Guo-Qiang in power narrates how his work using powder is more like a poppy flower to which has a romantic side but as well can be used to represent poison. Cai harnesses the explosive power of the gunpowder to create epic works to which are born in violent on-site acts of performance.

Of the two films, some similarities include the theme of beauty as both the artists are trying to make their best paintings to be colorful. Both of the films act as a reminder to the past of both the artists with Do-Ho Suh trying to remind himself of his family ties. Cai Guo-Qiang, on the other hand, attempts to identify himself with the cultural revolution of hearing the gunfire every day. The end products of their work create beauty to the surrounding. Both of the artists try to identify themselves with the countries of origin via their creation as a way to embrace the culture. Besides, both of the artists try to identify with the military through personal experiences in the military and therefore a common idea of the military conflict is brought forth.

There however some differences between the two artists. They are from different countries of origin with Do Ho Suh originating from South Korea while Cai Guo-Qiang originates from China. Another difference comes from the materials used for decoration, Cai Guo-Qiang uses gunpowder to create some positive elements which seem to be more romantic in artistic drawings while Do Ho Suh uses the idea of displacement and transition in his creative work due to his nature of traveling. Even the monument he builds is unique indicating transitions space.


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