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Disneyfication of a Hero

The painting Disneyfication of a hero was an artistic work done by Patrick McGrath Muniz that was painted in the year 2010 and first attained its first shown gallery in Florida. There are so many things that make the painting to be of great significance as it is a transformative artistic work. Just like the title suggests, the painting is about the cultural transformation. The term dinsneyfication is used to imply the process through which an object, place or a character, artwork or even a piece of literature gets stripped from its original context as well as its meaning, getting repackaged in a sanitized Disney-like version to which is ready for the mass consumption. There is a lot of symbolism therefore from the painting that has been done on the oil canvas with several figures being represented in the painting. There are extra-huge individuals whom are seen performing extraordinary thing as well as the presence of the Disney figures in the painting. The central figure is a representation of the classical hero Hercules, and as the rat magician rises above the TV screen to which he makes a commanding gesture, Hercules our hero holds a hair wax removal cream on his left hand.

Patrick being inspired by in the renaissance tradition, he created a composition that has a reflection on a process of trumps. Just like the Tarot cards and in majority pagan and Christian celebrations gets followed by one of a higher rank or position. Behind the hero Hercules, Patrick painted the allegorical figures to which represents the time, childhood, conquest, fame, promised land, fortune as well as death. The allegorical figures are accompanied by the small Disney-like characters as well as the other cultural related icons. The group is about to encounter a fortune telling gypsy sitting with three tarot cards. On the background there are other stories that are in line with that of the fortune telling. Diego De Landa, a Spanish archbishop of the 16th century burn countless Mayan scriptures and thereby deleted the pre-Columbian history in the name of Christianity an act which seems to happen in the painting with one of the individuals destroying books. The burning as well as the destruction of the books of history in the past do not seem to have distant themselves from our contemporary consumer oriented corporate evangelists.

There is a modern mythos that pervades the idea of the corporate personhood in the current society. It has not been uncommon to hear the politicians referring to the corporations as job creators in a manner that suggests that they are heavenly figures to whom should be adored as saviors and as well that they should be cherished and revered by all individuals. Just like in the painting, the heroes are the untouchables, who are above the rest of all and to whom continue to enjoy the special privileges in the globalized economic arena as well as in the shady political fields. In my opinion, one can rightfully argue that the corporation projects itself as a sacred icon of the global economy, above and beyond the mere personhood more like a hero an aspect that has been highlighted in the panting with the huge individuals being treated like saints and enjoying all the benefits while the Disney like creatures continue to suffer in the name of protection.

Visual elements as well as the principles of design has been incorporated in the painting. There are various principles of design that has been used in the painting. Proximity is one of the principles that has been utilized in the painting. The principle of proximity states that the elements that are related be grouped together and therefore visual elements that are related should be in line if one has to obey the principle of proximity. When a number of the items are in close proximity, they become one visual element and thereby reflecting their relationship. The application of the rule of proximity automatically creates an organization among the elements. From the painting, all the images and symbols that gets to be related have been put together and therefore the owner of the artistic work considered proximity as an important aspect in his work. Getting closer to the picture, the hero who happens to be Hercules, holds his club along meaning that the club and the hero are two inseparable items. For a hero to save his people, he has to possess all the items of war close to him. Again from his back we can see some people who have their weapons raised implying that they are headed for war and their hero, the Hercules is consulting the magician to foretell their fortune. Again, above the television is a crazy creature that can be used as an inference for crazy acts like those of magic. Above the creature is the rat magician who is in consultancy with Hercules the hero. Again here the aspect of proximity is clearly evident. Taking the aspect of proximity further, the saint who can be referred to as one of the corporations is seen destroying books stepping on them and shredding them away with a weapon. Just like the Mayan destruction of the pre-Columbian history, the saint is kind of destroying some scriptures. A woman and a dog can be seen together as the woman tries to feed the dog. An aspect of proximity therefore has been considered as the dog and the woman are put together in the picture and therefore making the work of the viewer easier in making the connections about the images.

Another principle of design is the alignment. According to the principle of alignment, none of the items or things should be placed arbitrarily on the page. It is important to consider during placement that everything should have a connection with some other items. When the elements gets to be aligned carefully on the page, they tend to make up a stronger cohesive unit despite them being physically separated from one another. From the painting, the principle of alignment has been observed in greater aspects. For example, the saint destroying the books does them when they are below him and the placement is in a manner such that he can destroy them easily. The saint steps at a bunch so that the grip is tightened and the destruction simplified. Another aspect of alignment can be seen from our hero Hercules where he holds the club with his right hand making him ready to engage in war in case of provocation. In addition, death has been placed at the back of all individuals implying that there is death of a substance whether an individual or culture after its existence. The placement of the death icon at the back is a form of alignment to which has been correctly been positioned.

The principle of repetition has also been used in the painting. The principle of repetition states that an individual has to repeat some aspects of the design all through the entire work. The repetition of the elements may vary from the use of the same color or the same font, certain bullet point and as well as a certain design element. The repetition is done such that the artistic work can maintain the aspect of consistent and uniformity all over the entire work. Consistence or repetition can be seen through the physical appearance of the individuals in the painting. There some of the individuals who are half naked such as the saint, the hero Hercules and the small being close to the TV. The rest of the individuals are dressed in almost similar kind of clothing making them look to be in uniform. In the quest to maintain uniformity and consistency, all the women in the picture are dressed while the men are half naked only covering the lower parts of their bodies.

Another principle that have been utilized in the painting include the principle of contrast. The primary purpose of contrast is to differentiate similar elements from each other and therefore if two or more elements don’t seem to be exactly similar, there is a need to make them different. There are several ways to which contrast can be achieved and include through the adjustment of color, font, size, spacing, weight as well as distinctive font faces. Patrick observed the element of contrast during the painting. All the images in the picture are clear and well separated from the others. There are clear and distinctive boundaries in the images and one is capable of singling out a specific element from the painting. Even the slightest detail can be singled out due to the high contrast from the painting.

Apart from the principles of design, the paint incorporates the elements of design. The line is one element that has been used in the painting and can be defined as the linear marks made at the edge when two edges created through the joint of two shapes. The block to which the woman sits down is linear, the frames of the painting also are linear making the painting attain the aspect of line design. A shape is a self-contained defined area of geometric. The framing of the painting is made in a rectangular shape. The TV itself have a shape that is rectangular. Another element of designed that has been used in the painting include direction. All the lines have direction with all the shapes indicating different meanings. To start with, all the individuals in the painting face in a similar direction expect a few who are facing towards the front of the painting. Size is another element of design used in the painting. Size simply refers to the relationship of the area that is occupied by one shape to that of another. All the images have a similar shape and size, the heights of the huge individuals is similar while the rest are equal. Texture has also been incorporated in the painting with the possession of a smooth texture all over the painting. Lastly, color has been used as an element of design. Color refers to the light that is reflected off the objects. From the painting the colors has been made distinct from the other making the picture look colored. The color of the sky and the clouds is visible with blue and white colors for the clouds.

The term subject in the work of arts refers to the main ideas to which are presented in the artwork. The subject is basically the literal, visible image or ideas in a work. Content of the other hand refers to the communication of the ideas, reaction and feelings in connection with the subject. The literal meaning of the picture can be deduced as being of an ancient population regarding to the type of dressing of all the individuals in the picture. Another idea that can be obtained from the painting that can be used to indicate that the population is of the past years is the kind of tools being in use. The Hero doesn’t have complicated weaponry but only owns a club. Again in the earlier days, magic was a common practice used the people then, in the painting there is a magician who is being consulted by the hero. In the painting the subject of death can be evident due to the presence of the death angel of darkness at the back of the picture. In terms of content, the painting has been able to covey different meanings as well as messages. The aspect of protection can be identified from the painting through the presence of the hero and the warriors behind him. However, that is only the literal meaning while the deeper meaning may include the protection of the corporates by the governments by regarding to them as heroes who provide job opportunities. In the real sense, the corporates are just but selfish individuals who take all the praises to themselves neglecting the common people. The presence of the word ‘MART’ in the painting communicates the idea of selling to the market new ideas shifting from the older ones as can be seen by the saint destroying books to which would be replaced with new ones. It can therefore be articulated that the overall meaning or message of the painting is that of transformation and protection in the new markets.

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