Discussion Reply to Shannon Earle

Discussion Reply to Shannon Earle

Hello Shannon,

Your choice of state case was very interesting and it brought out contract law in a very clear manner. I agree with you that the court made the right decision to rule in favor of the seller, Newton. The delays were obviously not his fault and therefore his decision to terminate the contract was understandable. The Carsons who are the buyers were not justified in accusing Newton of breach of contract. As much as the buyers were becoming impatient due to the delays, they should have understood that the delays were not Newton’s fault. Instead of taking Newton to court, the Carsons should have had a meeting to understand why Newton terminated the contract. This way, the court case would have been avoided all together.


Carlson v. Newton, 2022 Va. Cir. LEXIS 77 (Circuit Court of the City of Norfolk, Virginia June 24, 2022, Decided).

 https://advance-lexis com.libdatab.strayer.edu/api/document?collection=cases&id=urn:contentItem:65S9-TVT1-JWJ0-G2FT-00000-00&context=1516831.