Discussion 10 The definition of true happiness varies from one person to another. It depends on the things that a person trea

Discussion 10

The definition of true happiness varies from one person to another. It depends on the things that a person treasures. People treasure many different things in their lives that they believe will bring them happiness. Among the things that people treasure are money or wealth, earthly possessions, family, friends, God among many others. Lack of these things can bring unhappiness to those who cherish them.

A lot of people think that wealth brings them much happiness. For this reason, many spend their lives chasing wealth. They strive to gather as much wealth as possible in the belief that when they are rich, they will finally be happy. They want to buy the best and most expensive cars, the best houses, live in the most exclusive neighborhoods, and go on exotic vacations among many other measures of wealth. In the end, people spend too much of their time working hard for their wealth that they do not get time to enjoy their lives.

Other people count the people in their lives as their primary source of happiness. These include their children, their parents, their friends and other relatives. Without their family or friends, there can be no happiness for them. Those who believe in a higher power such as God believe that this higher power is their source of joy. People can only be happy if they live by the commands of the higher power that they believe in. To be glad, they have to love others, help the less fortunate, be kind to other people and take cognizance of many other principles that their religion dictates (Rose 175).

Augustine would agree with the opinion that living by God’s commands brings happiness to human beings. Giving God priority and living according to his will is what will help human beings to be truly happy. Love is one of the things that determine true happiness. Human beings give a lot of their passion for unnecessary items such as fame, wealth, worldly possessions, power, and others. Such worldly endeavors take human beings away from giving God priority in their lives. Therefore, to achieve true happiness, Augustine explains that people should have their preferences in order and always put God first (Forte 577). The other distractions take away from the ability of humans to be truly happy. We should devote our loves to everything in order but still realize that God should come first above all else in life.

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