Discussion 1

Discussion 1

The society has a great role and control over a pregnant woman to protect the fetus, who is considered as the next generation of the society. In different countries and cultures, there are different views in relation to pregnant woman’s physical, mental and psychological well-being. Some countries’ policies restrict pregnant women’s rights while other policies advocate more freedom for them. There are two questions that need to be answered: Is pregnancy a disease? And if so, how can we protect the fetus when the mother and her environment is not healthy? Pregnancy becomes a “disease” when there is an actual illness such as high blood pressure or gestational diabetes which prevents the fetus from developing properly due to its upbringing in an environment with such illness. Once it comes out, it will become a normal human being. Therefore, the society ought to control the people’s culture to ensure that the fetus is offered the right to live.

Family courts outlines the rights and responsibilities of the mother. A mother has the right to:

– Receive and expect support for the child from the father of the child

– Consent to or refuse medical care for her child

– Make decisions about the health, education, and general care of her child

– Make decisions on behalf of her minor children in emergency situations when those children aren’t capable of making personal decisions.

Parents also have an obligation to:

– Share in raising their children

– Provide financial support for their children according to their abilities and circumstances.

There are various rights that a fetus should have. these rights are essential for the protection of the fetus. The law should recognize these rights. They include the right to life, to not be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and not to be arbitrarily deprived of his or her life. The right to live is an important one for a fetus. Fetuses are living beings that deserve legal protections just like everyone else does in society today. Hence, the fetus has the right to be born alive.

Discussion 2

Immunization plays a critical role in safeguarding public health. It assists in eliminating the spread of infections and hence tends to protect the most vulnerable who include individuals fighting serious illnesses like cancer, the elderly, and newborns. It also offers protection against the diseases that have been eradicated by immunization, thus preventing resumption of these diseases.

The global polio eradication initiative is an example of immunization. In April 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that they had successfully eradicated the wild poliovirus from all countries where it still exists. Eradication is a technical measure to eliminate a pathogen and decreases the threat of disease transmission either through deliberate or accidental introduction. The two major types of vaccines are Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) and Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV). OPV requires several doses to acquire immunity, while IPV must be injected into the muscle tissue. Both cause immunity, just in different ways.

Immunization is a science-based process carried out through which the immune system becomes able to recognize an antigen and subsequently produce an effective immune response. The introduction of vaccines has greatly benefited from the application of basic science to enhance vaccine development and delivery systems. In addition, it has boosted on-going efforts in microbiological research which targets understanding and manipulation of infection-fighting cells called ‘T lymphocytes’. This research is significant in predicting trends in infectious diseases and designating appropriate vaccines for prevention.

According to research, when children are not immunized, the risk for illness increases. This is due to the fact that the diseases causing illness are more likely to affect immunized children since they have not yet developed an immune response; therefore, the chances of them developing an infection are higher than those of immunized children. Immunization or lack thereof is a very controversial subject. There is no correct approach in regard to how and when to immunize your child, but it’s always best to remain informed and consult with your doctor on a regular basis. When a child is not immunized there also chances of facing travel restrictions and school enrollment challenges. There is also the risk of decreasing life expectancy and the quality of life. In fact, not immunizing children could be more dangerous in the long run. It takes just a minute of your time to protect every child against the risk of deadly diseases!

Discussion 3

There are various issues involved with new trend of the father staying at home with the baby and the wife working full-time. First, they might be questioned by family members. In the past, the mother would be seen as the provider while the father worked outside of the home. This is no longer true. Women are no longer just nurses, teachers, or secretaries. They can also be CEOs or doctors. The new trend of stay-at-home fathers can cause difficulties with family members and coworkers when they do not know how to address questions or comments due to a lack of knowledge about stay-at-home fathers (SADF). Second, family members may not understand that staying at home with a baby is not just a choice for new parents but also “something parents choose in situations without jobs and without daycare.

The men in the society would view the father as a ‘wimp’ and not as a man in their eyes. Due to the fact that most men in the society are the ones who provide for his family while the mother takes care of her child, having a father at home taking care of his child may be odd to some people. In addition, if this father is not doing anything productive, it would be seen as unproductive time for him due to the fact that he cannot contribute money for household expenses. On the other hand, women in the society would view the mother (Rebecca) as a ‘slacker’ and not as a woman in the eyes of the other women. Most women in the society are the ones who stay at home while their husbands work and provide for their family. Having a woman stay at home with her child may be odd to some people. In addition, if this mother is not doing anything productive, it would be seen as unproductive time for her due to the fact that she cannot contribute money for household expenses.

In conclusion, the society ought to take into consideration, the rapid changes that are occurring in various aspects of life and accept the changing gender roles in society today, as well as the fathers’ roles in those changes. The new trend of stay-at-home fathers to be with their family is a good way to teach children important life skills. It does not mean that all dads should stay at home with their children. However, it does mean that if a dad is at this time taking care of his baby or toddler and does not have a job or has no choice to go out to work for the time being, he should do so for the benefit of both his child and his partner and spouse.

Discussion 4

In order to improve preschool education, the federal government ought to implement various policies. These policies include supporting the early education and care workforce. The federal government ought to increase the accessibility and affordability of preschools in all communities. The federal government should also provide oversight to local governments in order to ensure that they offer high-quality early education and care. Finally, the federal government ought to support early education and care providers in their job of meeting the needs of children from diverse backgrounds by providing professional development opportunities.

Preschool education should be open to all children of any racial and ethnic background. Circumstances, such as poverty and disability, can impact a child’s readiness for the preschool experience. The typical development of preschool-age children may be sensitive to these circumstances; however, all children are affected by what they see at home, with friends or in their communities. Educators must continue to provide quality education for all children regardless of race or socioeconomic status at an early age. Preschool education is a form of government service that should be accessible by all who are willing to make financial sacrifices if their tax dollars go towards public education.

The government must be greatly involved in initiating and implementing preschool education programs. These programs benefit all members of society, the children included. However, these preschools are often set in low-income areas and have many children from these areas. In order to obtain the best possible outcome for these children it is necessary for government involvement to be high. The government must provide funding for such programs and seek out ways of starting them up in communities that would otherwise fail without this assistance. Government involvement can only help make preschool education superior throughout society. Government involvement in preschool education programs is greatly needed to provide young children with a safe place to grow and develop into their fullest potentials. The government should also bear most if not all of these program costs.