Disability Payments and Its Effect on the Workforce





Disability Payments and Its Effect on the Workforce

In a word where we are always trying to make sure equality s achieved, people with disabilities have not been eft behind. It is often difficult for people with disability o secure an employment that fits their needs. It is for this reason that the Social Security Disability Insurance was introduced. This program ensures that aby one with disability gets to be paid monthly benefit if one is unable to work. Mark Dugan in a Senate testimony by Mark Duggan, he stated that SSDI was a factor that led in the decline of labor force participation in America when compared to other European countries. There have been reports that have shown that the labor participation rates for people with disabilities in the labor force is lower at 16% as compared to 68.6% to people without disabilities. Disability payments have an impact when it comes to making employment decision as often most people who get full SSDI benefits include medical cover for their families are individuals who need to have worked for a few years.