Direct marketing research paper (Multichannel direct marketing)

Direct marketing research paper:







Men’s clothing has increasingly become more marketable over the past years. This is due to the promotion of the everyday man who is a son, a father and a husband. It is difficult for men to dress according to their needs. Through the help of our market research, our company has been able to address most of these needs. Offering a wide range of choices, we dwell on the requirements for all our customers.

In order to increase the growth of the company, it is essential to conduct a research plan that can double the number of customers that access out merchandise. Our current records those show a database of 250,000 customers who are classified into three categories depending on their method of purchase. Our intention is to analyze the market trends of our customers by collecting information that will be useful to the provision of our service.


For the case of our day to day customers, we have in place several outlets that provide shirts that come in all shapes and sizes. After monitoring the expenditure of this group of customers, the preferred research plan for this particular group will be the setting up of different shopping outlets that will be accessible to them. Since this group of customers are not classified under competitive customers, it is important for the company to move become more accessible. This will improve constant recording on the number of purchases that are made by this group. The objective is to double the expenditure of this niche by ensuring that they become repeat customers through our improved services. The best marketing technique for such a group is though direct contact such ensuring we have all their contacts so as to avail constant communication. This will ensure that they are aware of any new product we introduce to the market. It also guarantees the company loyal customers who in turn will increase the revenue of the business (Hunger & Wheelen, 2007).

Competitive customers

The objective of this particular group is to ensure that the company maintains the existing customers by keeping them interested in our merchandise. Since these customers are guaranteed spenders, we have to give them value for their money so that they can continue to purchase our products. Another objective is to take advantage of this market group so that they can market our goods to potential customers. These customers make up the bulk of our clients and are thus a valuable source for the continued success of the company. The market technique that is suitable for them is the provision of our monthly catalogues that will have a list of all our new products (Hunger & Wheelen, 2007).

Customers who use individual as well as multiple channels for their purchases

The group of customers favors variety in that they choose the marketing option that is suitable for them. The main objective in this case is to ensure that we introduce various direct marketing options that will be geared toward individual customers in this group. This means that we can use the advantage of having various outlets in which the customers can access the products. This can be complimented with ensuring that they have subscribed to the monthly catalogue. The combination of the two techniques will give the customers different choices on how to access our products with ease. With the provision of different outlets and shopping catalogues, the number of shirts purchased will double as a result of the increased spending (Moisander, 2007).


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