Dimensions Of Ethical Leadership

Dimensions Of Ethical Leadership


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Corporate reputationCorporate reputation is a concept that can be termed as soft. This involves the overall estimation of how an organization is viewed by both internal and external stakeholders on the basis of its actions in the past and the probability of its behavior in the future.an organization might have a different reputation wit its different stakeholders according to the experience they have when it comes to dealing with the organization. Corporate reputation therefore plays an important role when it comes to the performance of the organization and its social responsibility. The overall success or failure of any organization depends on its reputation. Corporate reputation is termed as a great intangible asset that ahs a tangible value. This means that the company’s reputation is sometimes unwritten its value is quite obvious. Corporate reputation has been the focus of many organizations since this can bring reimbursement when it comes to the performance of the organization (Harrison, 2005).

There are many factors that can be listed when it come to the characteristics that stakeholders might use when they are determining the reputation of a company. These factors include a strong ethical bearing. This means that the operations of the organization are conducted in an ethical manner all the time. Another characteristic is employee relations; employees need to be treated well and respected. A workplace that is welcoming meaning that the workplace should be always clean and in a safe manner. High quality item is another characteristic used in the determination of a company’s reputation. The company should be one that produces products of the best quality. The management of the organization is another characteristic that requires managers in the company know the values and ideals of the company thus passing them down to the workforce. Another factor is the financial status of the organization which means that the company’s financial records are strong and stable. Social responsibility is a characteristic which means that the organization has strong ties with the community where it is found.

All these factors are not usually consistent wit all the stakeholders of an organization. This is due to the fact that the different stakeholders have their own perceptual view what is required in each company so that it can have a strong reputation. The stakeholders who that are affected directly by negative events in organizations will shift their perception when it comes to the reputation of the organization.

Strategic steps to remedy the concernsAs the new CEO of coca cola I would work towards restoring the organization’s reputation and ensure that I completely eliminate any ethical dilemmas that might come up in the future with stakeholders. First of all I will ensure that coca cola regains the trust which the consumers had. This is through the assurance of the production of high quality products. I will also ensure that correct statements showing the organization’s financial position as per the time period that ahs been stated. I will also ensure that competent staffs are employed in order to ensure that effective and efficient decisions are made. I will ensure that the company engages in social activities so that its reputation can be restored. This will be through providing school fees for needy students. There will also be engagement in activities that discourage environmental pollution. I will ensure that codes of conduct are set for the organization that will help in dealing with ethical issues that might arise in the future. There will also be a performance appraisal and reward system for the purpose of employee motivation (Benson,2004).

Coca-Cola’s environmental initiativesCoca cola has joined other companies when it comes to addressing the issue of climate change and recycling. There are many initiatives that coca cola has launched such as Drink2Wear which is clothes from plastic bottles that have been recycled, signing of UN global compact dubbed Caring for climate: The business leadership platform. Through this initiative coca cola has pledged its dedication to reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency.it has also cofounded the refrigerants which is an alliance that is aimed at addressing the issue of climate change. All these efforts that coca cola has made towards conservation of the environment are quite sincere .this is because Coca Cola is at the forefront of ensuring that the environment is clean through the initiatives. Therefore we can say that these efforts are not just a mere window dressing but they are sincere efforts as there is a lot of dedication from the company in these initiatives.


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