Digital technology- Coursework



Is digital technology being useful in anything else in the medical field?

Technology is very useful in different applications in the medical field. Most of all it plays a crucial part in telemedicine application. The first application in this field is something referred to as store and forward that is used for transfer of different digital images from a single location to another (Buell, 2010, p. 17). Healthcare professionals take a picture from of an area of concern with the use of a digital camera and the information is utilized for non-emergent situations. There is also the used of digital technology in telepathology, with images of pathological slides sent from a single location to another for the diagnostic consultation. Dermatology also benefits greatly from digital technology. This is through the act of digital images of different skin conditions taken and also sent to dermatologists for diagnosis (Buell, 2010, p. 8). Thus, there is no doubt that the field of medicine is a very big beneficiary of digital technology.

Class, how many of you were trained on a new system and never new why?

Change is very important in the lifespan of all organizations. There are many people who have, however, undergone a series of changes that they never know about. In spite of this, every business in the existent fast moving environment that looks at the pace of change to be disappointed. Without change, business leaders will dictate to their employees. Change that results from adopting new technology is usually common in many firms. Economic changes on the other hand offer opportunities for staff of a given organization and also at the same time represent new challenges (Spector, 2010, p. 186). Changes in growth opportunities enable all workers to learn and develop new skills and explore new opportunities. All serious organizations let change prevail as the benefits are many.


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