Digital Marketing in Honk Kong

Digital Marketing in Honk Kong

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Most marketers in Hong Kong have turned into digital marketing. Below are examples of successful digital marketing in Hong Kong and the most attractive advertising campaigns.

The McDonald’s Restaurants HK campaign ‘I’m Amazing” created by DDB Group in Hong Kong in 2012. The digital ad was designed by kids for kids and, helped in family reconnection during summer. The ad is available at this website.

The Nike Soccer Shoe campaign that uses a mobile application to enable consumers find ads and snap photos that reveal destination of next ad. The ad is available at Hong Kong Cocacola company advert that enabled customers to use a Smartphone and ‘chok’ bottle caps flying across a TV screen. The application could be installed on the phone and attracted more than 9 million viewers. The ad is found on this website; Interactive: Integrated Digital Marketing for Insurers. This digital marketing program is more flexible and efficient for insurers and the insurance company. It enables the customers acquire better services, companies gain insight to customer needs, and reduce costs with increased revenue. The above program is available at Toy Story Land launched in Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL) named “it’s Playtime with Friends-The Power of Synergy”. The ad aimed at propelling business growth through creation of new attractions for customers.

The Fuji Photo Products Co Ltd released an ad called “FUJIFILM X-Series – The sect of wandering photographing- The Re-birth of a Camera Gaint” in 2012 the video can be retrieved from YouTube at ‘Pizza and More” by Pizza Hut Hong Kong Management Limited. This is a digital campaign that markets Pizza brands that have dishes different from the rest.

Prudential Assurance Company introduced an ad “listening to the Small” created in 2012 that demonstrates the company’s continuous commitment to giving every customer an ear and understanding the dreams and hopes of all customers. The ad is available on You Tube at