Digital Innovation


Title: Digital Innovation


Date: August 28, 2013

Internet Entrepreneurship

This paper gives my personal experience and my walk through earning on the web. This is a step that I convinced myself to take when I found that I had so much free time in my hands.

Starting up was not an easy task, although I had some skills in using the internet it was hard to know which services to trust. There are all kinds of services being provided on the internet, the biggest challenge for a beginner is to know which of these services are genuine. It took some time, trying out sites, some of them were dormant and I did not get any reply for months while others were genuine but very competitive.

I had worked for a few people, and had some ideas on the services to provide. I could write SEO articles and I was confident that I could go solo. This is when I took a big step of faith and opened my website. This was the only way I would earn without having intermediaries. This was my biggest dream, to interact directly with my clients and provide quality services.

The first few months of going solo were quite a hustle. At this time I had not earned full trust of various clients, some would ask for the charges on the services but would not give me any job to do. However for the few jobs that I got at that time, I did them to my best and this is how my ratings went up. Clients began writing testimonials on the services and referring other clients to my website and this is what got me here.

To anyone who wishes to begin earning from the internet, you should know that starting is not easy but never give up.