Digital Image Retouching

Digital Image Retouching



Digital Image Retouching

Topic Review

Digital image retouching also called airbrushing, is the practice of manipulating images to marginally alter how a subject looks. It includes basic “repairs” such as expunging pimples or evening out a ruddy complexion. From an inexpert perspective, I learnt that top models and influential people in magazine covers generate their seemingly perfect appearance from the work of talented and trained photo retouchers (The Art Career Project, n.d.). These advanced photo editors use cutting-edge computer imaging software to make models appear slimmer, manipulate their skin tones, and erase pimples. I also learnt that the assumption that digital image retouching entails everything one can do with Photoshop is a wholly misplaced idea. This can be attributed mostly to the popularity of the Photoshop software.

While researching the steps of digital image retouching beyond classwork, I understood that digital image retouching should begin with the correct base photo (Diamond, 2015). For this reason, a photographer would like to have several photos taken of a particular image in order to select the correct photo to carry through the steps of digital image retouching from cropping and straightening to sharpening. If the photographer takes bad images, it will require more work or eventually be difficult for them to create what they initially had in mind. While it is possible to tweak aspects of the photo such as saturation, brightness or contrast, it is near impossible to fix blurry images, those taken in extreme darkness or those affected by a bright flash. The takeaway point as that as much as digital photo retouching sounds magical, it requires the setting of a proper base or starting point.

The importance of learning about digital retouch Imaging is the possibility of mending flaws in a picture without altering the message the photo originally intended to convey. Retouching is a subtle approach to editing local digital images fixing things that the photographer could have realistically avoided in preparation for a photo-shoot or simply taking a photo. It is encouraging for a passionate photographer like myself to know that I can go back to a photo and remove distracting elements, manipulate the amount or kind of light, fix redundant shapes or technical flaws — all this manipulation without altering the initial intention of the image.

Another importance is the commercial potency of digital image retouching, especially in this age of perfection. Offering services such as digital photo editing, restoring damaged photos and providing image enhancement services could serve as an additional income source or even a sole income source. Magazines all the time apply the use of digital photo retouching to make their photos look stunning. Being a photo retoucher or editor can be lucrative, especially if one has high-end clients like magazines. Digital image retouching goes side by side with photography because as a photographer, it is all about creating the perfect image. With digital image retouching, a photographer can create the ideal photo and set themselves apart from the competition.

The use of alluring photos in business promotion is another very essential use for photo retouching (Flatworld Solutions, n.d.). It does not matter the type of business one seeks to venture, but alluring photos of products will attract customers and consequently increase turnover. Because photos are taken most of the time to be admired, enhancing their quality and attractiveness improves their value in this regard. With digital image retouching, a dull photo can be transformed from unexciting into an eye-catching exhibit. Also, an interesting image may be denied focus by unwanted details and ultimately draw attention from the subject a photographer intended to emphasize.


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