Different Racial Groups





Different Racial Groups

Every person has stereotypes towards certain group of people. It is nearly impossible to be biased towards certain people without eliminating their race or ethnicity. Various things have led to people holding stereotypes towards certain groups (Rigoglioso, 2008). These things include how a person is raised; his personal experience and influences of the society that makes a person believe certain things about a group. These believes can be true or sometimes they can be false. Individuals have these believes on the subconscious part of their mind since they occur on the surface of their thinking.

When people are in Pre School, they do not see color or hold some belief about certain groups. People start forming racial groups as they grow older and they start to see people who are different from their group. Further more, people change on how they associate with other groups since they feel these groups are different.

Parents play a crucial role in shaping children’s attitude as they grow up. This is because parents have the responsibility of teaching children about other people. Different institution like the economy, school religion and media also shapes individuals (Rigoglioso, 2008). Parents and family play a major aspect in foundation of institutions. Further more, exposure through media and culture play a major role in making people understand other groups or grow as in prejudice. Children acquire stereotype, as they grow old due to different experiences or things they hear from parents and their families. This is because children loose they innocence as they grow old and start listening to people close to them. When an individual grows old, enough he starts rationalizing the stereotypes and believe that it is okay.


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