Developing an Opinion into an Argument


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Developing an Opinion into an Argument

Developing an argument is about confirming one’s position, developing proof to support claims. Evidence and research give a case authority. When an opinion is supported by facts, it becomes an argument. Getting the opinion correct helps with the development of effective points to avoid arguing a case that is not relevant. The argument is then supported with good reason. In an essay, the argument is planned by supporting your side of the argument with facts rather than emotion, no matter the approach of the other side.

In essence, an argument is an opinion that follows a logical pattern. In an essay, it is made of the first and second premise before the conclusion. When the premises are true, the conclusion becomes true as well. Clarity comes with identifying the main points if an argument. This is followed by structuring. This step is about linking the points together to create connections and form one concrete idea. The use of evidence follows structure. After noting down claims, it is important to support them with evidence and research. Another step in developing an argument is acknowledging counter-arguments. The objects to the opinion presented should be addressed pre-emptively. Finally, we have a definite conclusion that shows how an opinion is supported by the evidence presented in the paper. In an argument, a conclusion should not just be a summary but an explanation of how each point contributes to the argument or supports the opinion as a whole.