Devastating changes that have affected adversely both the agricultural and the business sectors





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Every one of us must have heard about the devastating changes that have affected adversely both the agricultural and the business sectors. Basically, not unless we involve inclusiveness from all the stakeholders, the situation is not likely to end this soon. The changes are result of human demographic and marketing potential and this is more evident from the astounding figures projected from the recent research.

The minority groups in the society have a big role to play in order to create the anticipated change. The figures projected in 2010 indicated that women and minorities would contribute to 78% of the entire working force required for the realization of the full potentials in development projects. U.S.A in collaboration with the United Kingdom can stimulate the business arena by 4%.These figures are demographic shockwaves intended for awakening the spending patterns and the market zones (Hess, 2012).

A good business should be designed like a ship. This will enable it sail in all directions thus maintaining its capability to withstand all forms of winds that may tend to sway it. Just as everything in the ship is properly fastened to achieve its purpose; business should be designed with realizable contribution of all the stakeholders.

How shall we attain the projected goals in business not unless we consolidate and do way with our differences? How much better will it feel when certain members in the society proactively indulge in development whereas their counterparts are just watching? Team work must call for diversity of which we are the facilitators. Furthermore, out of merging our different skill, the overall achievements will be complimentary (Thakor, 2011).

The reality of women alienations in many of the company’s and the business organizations have been with us for decades. One thing remains constant: Just as we are careful in ensuring proper coordination of our body organs for a healthy living, the same approach should be employed in a developing nation. Already, it is vivid the manner in which the business world in flourishing out of the cooperation of all. If anything is to go by, surprise and disappointment may fall hard on us if all we remain ignorant of emancipation.

We are living in the world where creativity and innovation are the key drives of starting any business opportunity. However, the inferior ideologies have corrupted human mind and barred him from adopting the modern changes in the business sphere. It is only when we incorporate others that we shall be able to buy new ideas and massive discoveries in any business (Thakor, 2011). For instance, many corporations have diverted many businesses in the third world countries because they have realized potential grounds for thriving. Still, the anticipated levels of profits are more promising than the status back home. One of the reasons behind their massive success is unity and cohesion, hence realizing favorable grounds for exploiting resources.

Encouraging diversity in the business oriented organization should no longer be a wishful thinking or an option but it should be part of the core priorities. Besides, success is always accompanied by benefits and positives within the workforce. Diversity will mean a good return in investment and this will form an attractive picture to the customers and willing entrants to join or partner with you. The business policies are bound to be concrete and of great impact in such an environment. Moreover, the expansion of market shares is likely to reach global level (Hess, 2012).


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