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Has china surpassed US economically?

Even though it cannot be explicitly stated china has had a great impact on the world economy and the rate of development and economic growth in China is astonishing. Therefore it is correct to say that China has surpassed the United States in many aspects of the economy. Furthermore, with the growth rate of china’s economy, it can be hypothesized that shortly the economy of China will be far much better than that of the United States. In 1980 the gross domestic product of china’s was less than 40 billion US dollars however in 2015 it was 4 trillion US dollars (Allison, 06). This is a basic indicator of how the country is surpassing the United States through the different sections of the economy. Allison compares this economic growth of china with different countries whereby he states that for every two years the rate of growth of China’s economy is larger than that of the entire economy of India. The comparison between the growth rate of the USA and China is almost impossible since the USA had grown at a rate of 4 percent for it to surpass Great Britain between 1960 and 1913. However, china’s rate of growth is at 10 percent per year and these amounts to the inability of America to surpass its growth or even keep up with it.

Therefore the only answer to this question would be even though not completely surpassed the USA china will most likely surpass the USA in economic power, stability, and growth very soon. The economic growth is also dissected according to the level of productivity of the citizens in the country whereby in china the citizens are only productive quarterly as compared to America’s citizen’s productivity. Therefore this translates into if they become even half productive then surpassing the American economy will be very easy and not a thing to even thinks about. Therefore this essay provides us with theoretical and factual pieces of evidence as well as hypotheses which are very essential in our manner of maintaining a close eye over the economies which are changing very fast for different countries.

What does PPP mean?

PPP is a term used to describe purchasing power parity (Allison, 10). This is the ability of a country to purchase compared to another one. In a comparison of the USA to China, the difference is very big as china owns about 18 percent of the world’s gross domestic product. This compared to the statistics in 1980 whereby china owned only 2 percent of worlds GDP we can see a very great improvement and change. In 2014 based on PPP measurements china was leading while America was number one. This even though humiliating for the Americans they had to accept it and learn that they were no longer number one. This, therefore, placed china at number one and this is a sign of the economy of China which is getting better day by day. Based on the usage of PPP as the measuring method some Americans were greatly saddened and this is because it has always been a belief and faith that America can never become number 2. Therefore to counteract the report of IMF these individuals went ahead and compared the two countries based on GDP per capita. This method looks at the living standards of the residents of that country and they are well-being. Even though the USA won in this kind of comparison it did not take away the fact that China had won based on PPP.

The new method of measurement is also one of the best methods developed and even though the DGP per capita method was used, it does not come close to how PPP is correct. According to Fischer who is a very renowned author and a great person the method of using PPP is also the best method towards the realization of the true economic grounds for any country and therefore the Americans who used other methods can be ignored and considered as only offering an opportunity for the consolation of the other Americans. However, the truth of the economic state remains that china led in 2014.

What is stem revolution?

The stem revolution is a type of revolution majorly based on science as the term STEM stands for science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (Allison, 16). This is one of the most important parts of a country’s productivity and it serves to stand for a country’s manufacturing base as well as other fields which need these four areas greatly. It has also a very strong connection to the education system as it indicates the level of preparedness of any country when it comes to educational resources. This even though not a purely educational concept it still has a lot of weight on education. Therefore in comparison to the USA, China has put a lot of effort towards this and it plays a great role in ensuring that this area is completely and widely practiced and utilized for the benefit of the whole country.

In China, in a year the number of students who graduate is four times those who graduate from the United States. This means 1.3 million students on the side of china and 300,000 students on the side of the USA. This is a clear indication that China has invested in education and especially on stem more than the USA and it is a cause for concern as this means more productivity and a better economy than that of the United States. The impact of this investment in education is also very evident in china’s economy as it increased in its high-tech manufacturing from 7 percent in 2003 to 27 percent in 2014. During the same period, the American share of this field also dropped from 36 to 29 percent. This gives it a difference of only 2 percent which with the china’s fast growth nature over the decade can be achieved very fast. Not only has this but china also launched the first quantum communications satellite which provides human beings with the ability to search the deep space for the possibility of life.

Is there a new balance of power?

China has also invested heavily in its warfare and military. This is because china knows very well that it has to be ready for anything if it has to become a superpower. Therefore it produces and stores even though secretly a lot of warfare and this makes it even stronger and stable. Mao’s dictum that power grows out of the barrel of a gun is not an easy concept to forget and therefore it is upon this that China is ready for anything and thus keeps manufacturing a lot of military tools to be used and to keep the country safe and protected from its enemies. There is a status quo whereby the Chinese government is being favored in terms of a balance of power due to its administration and leadership forums and efforts to change the society. And therefore these efforts have resulted in the new balance of power whereby China is now seen as an integral part of the whole system of economic development.

Therefore the suggestion by Allison is that the political aspect of the Americans is not enough to change and resolve which changing balance of power but rather their intellectual properties are even more needed because it is not very easy to slow or stop an economy like china from rising and becoming the number one in the world. Even though this is happening and it is what is being referred to as a new balance of power whereby the power gets from the hands of the Americans and goes to the Chinese it is not easy to control as china has already surpassed the US in several great ways and strides. Therefore this new balance of power is not desired by many people as well as many nations that ally with the US. however, China continues to grow economically and dominates very many aspects of the world population. Thus through this, the balance of power is shifting slowly from the united states towards china.

What does Xi Jinping want?

This can be described in one line as his wish and desire to make China great again. Xi educated within mao’s cultural revolution faced many challenges and therefore as lee states when he became president all his efforts have been focused on making the republic of china the best it can be. Even though there are doubts whether it can surpass the American economy this Chinese economy has been growing very fast and it is a sign that with determination and when a leader is truly devoted to making their countries great this is very possible since they will make it. As lee states when xi came from the cultural revolution he came out with an iron heart and he compares him to nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa. This he states as he says that his emotional stability and balance are so good that his misfortunes and sufferings do not affect him as much as some leaders who are sometimes affected by their misfortunes and sufferings.

He, therefore, yearns for the Chinese to be rich, powerful, and to be respected. All these three are believed to be achievable through the sustenance of economic miracle, foster of patriotic citizenship and never allowing china to bow to any other superpower in the world. Even though these can be said to be theoretical most of the time by many people the president has tried his best to achieve them and this is what has brought numerous successes within china and its economy as well as its relation to other countries of the world. Therefore xi wants the country to be the best it can be, be a good home for its citizens and provide shelter for all its people without them suffering anything. Along with this we also realize that even though these ideas and wishes are seen as genuine there might be hidden ones that are closely related to these like the desire to overtake the US as the most advanced superpower in the economy and other aspects of life of the individual citizens.

What does making china great again mean?

Making China great again is a dream of president xi. He wants to make china as powerful and rich as possible such that all the other nations of the world will have no choice but to recognize and follow in its footsteps as the number one leader in the world of so many aspects of the world which matter a lot to the people and the governments. The dream of china to be great however is not embedded within American values, systems, or principles, and therefore there is a need for china on its own to establish itself as independent and reflect what they believe into the whole world as well as making sure that their presence and impact on world issues is felt greatly.

Even though the fighting forces between the United States and china continues to grow there is no evidence or any war that might happen. This is because there is always a need for peace even if it costs a lot than the loss of the position of being number one economically. However, the situation has to be managed with a lot of human effort and intellectual input. This is because there is a challenge of china becoming great and therefore if it becomes great it means the US will be second in power and this is a very difficult situation to take in as well as a bear for most Americans.

The summary of the concept of making china great again lies in the desire and the will of returning china to its prominence which it enjoyed before the intrusion of Asia. Apart from this, there is also a desire to re-establish control over the territories of greater china. The area of greater china includes Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It also comprises of recovering its historic level or sphere of influence as well as making a lot of impact in the world councils.

How will China achieve its goal?

Even though it may look difficult for any leadership to decide to follow in the footsteps of their ambitions without check and try to perform what is needed of them chinas Xi has done so much so far. What he has done was considered at first almost impossible since he was thought to be overly aggressive and trying to do everything at once. This was when he came up with the four strategies through which he wanted to achieve his goal and dream of making China great again. These strategies were; making the party better and cleaner by clearing all the corruption issues reported in the party, this also came about restoring the mission of this party as well as making it presentable and good in the eyes of the people. the second strategy was reviving Chinese patriotic nature and nationalism thus making the citizens feel good about their Chinese nationality. The third strategy was to engineer a third economic wave of revolution, this was to consists of politically painful structural reform to sustain china’s rate of growth known majorly for being unsustainable.

The fourth strategy was to re-organize and rebuild china’s military for the sake of it being able to fight and win. Therefore these four strategies were very important to president Xi and therefore he decided to follow all of them at the same time. This pushed a lot of work on his administration but still, everything could be done perfectly as he had wished and still being done. The 4 strategies are seen as interdependent and therefore the administration pursuing them at the same time.

What is china’s economic plan?

President xi has had his dreams and goals and one of them is the maintenance of an economic growth rate of at least 6.5 percent per year. This is conceived by many people to be unachievable and thereby he is criticized for trying to do what is undoable. This state of having many goals to achieve but limited time to achieve them or having many of them to achieve and they are all combined but they have to be achieved is commonly known as the sustenance of the unsustainable by most of the people. the 5-year strategic plan of china includes; accelerating the transition to domestic consumption-driven demands, reconstruction or the closing down of inefficient government enterprises, enhancing science and technology to make improvements in innovation, promoting Chinese-based entrepreneurship, and lastly avoiding any amount of debt that is unsustainable.

Even though the president is worried about many and different things like the issue of the middle-income trap and therefore he has come up with different ways to deal with that so that the plan developed can be achieved fully and also within the timeline he wants is achieved. To reduce the inefficiency in state corporations most of them have been brought down and this has led to the loss of 5000 jobs. However, it was worth it since they were not productive and they were also insolvent. In the desire to keep science and innovation at the top of everything president Xi has also called for robot innovation and revolution whereby the field of science is tasked with a lot of work on developing and making the science department very important and essential. This has led to many successes and one of these successes is that in 2016 china was the number 1 world user of robots. This was a great achievement as it made it possible for China to enjoy the pride of his efforts towards the field of science and technology as well as innovation.

What is china’s Monroe Doctrine?

Monroe doctrine was the statement that the Europeans did not have any authority to colonize the Americas and this played a great role in making sure that large parts of the American land were not colonized. This doctrine was coined down by US President James Monroe. Roosevelt however faced the Britains when they wanted to colonize a small part of America in the south and threatened war in case they continued to encroach and if they did not remove their warships from that specific area.

Even though there were incidences whereby this policy was highly criticized it still had a lot of impacts as Roosevelt stated that it is not an issue of being internationally recognized but rather the issue of it being a policy and for it to be applied as well as to be used by those under it. This doctrine as well stated that the united states of America were sovereign over the whole continent of America and therefore British did not have any power or influence over any part of America. Therefore this led to many discussions and viewpoints of different people being aired out. However, this never shook Roosevelt and what he had decided took hold that it was a territory of the Americans and therefore European were banned from trying to colonize the Americans

One of the major discussions which were used to try to lure Roosevelt into consideration the non-binding nature of this doctrine was that it was not an internationally recognized law and statement. However, he was adamant and answered them that it was not a matter of being accepted internationally but is in a smatter of the Americans having rights which they live for and therefore they could not be colonized unless Britain or other European countries were looking for causes of war which to some extent can be said that the Americans were ready for.

5 keys areas where the western and Confucian societies differ.

Confucianism is one of the major aspects of the Chinese population and society. It has its principles and belief system while the western also has its belief system. One of the major teachings about Confucianism is the fact that war was the last option. Therefore even though at different times the leaders tried to threaten the other countries was is not an easy option for the Chinese people as well as the government. However, it is always the last report. In the case of the westerns, there is still a lot of violence evident in the manner the people live. In a situation whereby people are very reckless with what they do then they will be more careful. While of the Chinese to those who follow Confucianism theory war is always the only and the only option it is possible that the westerns do not consider this as anything important as they are used to violence.

Compared to the religions of the west like Christianity which is organized the Confucian is not organized into religion and therefore it is not as properly organized as Christianity is. Therefore Confucianism is a way of looking bad into the past and through the eyes of the past reanimate the future for a certain power of culture and history to emanate and help the people know where they come from, where they are going and why they do the things they do as well as the reason why they do the thing in that particular way.

Confucianism believed that there could be no world-wide civilizations as it is the idea and notion of most westerners. Therefore in contrast to the idea of having a world-wide civilization was highly refused and disregarded by the followers of Confucius who was a very good teacher he served to form the moral and social basis of most Asian residents.

Contrasting concepts of law and order make US-china relations hard to manage.

This is a true statement and this is because these two countries are so different and therefore event food, believe system among others is very essential in the finding of the features to differentiate these two societies. These differences also make it very hard to manage properly the two countries without at any point confusing and making mistakes related to law and order. The major difference also is the fact that the leadership in China is a communist one while the leadership in us is a democratic one and therefore these concerns and issues fall under the leadership and administration of the two governments and entities.

However, with all the differences which exist between these two countries, there is also the belief for each of them that they are unique and cannot have peers. This can be said as the only significant similar feature of both of them because they do not have peers and they are full of superiority complexes.

Another major difference is that Americans always think and view themselves as having cultural supremacy and that other people and races are not important. It is these concepts of differences in things like culture and law that make it very difficult for a country to be able to manage its people through the formation of rules and laws and other tenets of law and order.

The other major difference is that these two superpowers are in the fight of the struggle to occupy the number one position in the world in almost all possible things and therefore the difference comes in that no other countries are thought by the two countries to even be able to occupy those positions. The slight thought that America would continue to lead as number one irritates china while the thought that china is surpassing America disturbs America to a great extent.

What are five “presumptions and predilections” that indicate how China is likely to behave in a confrontation with the United States? If confronted by the USA the china government is likely to be cold towards the confrontation unless there is a war threat. This is because China has always been cold not just to anyone but even to religious organizations and many other international organizations. Therefore this means that China will likely not respond to the USA unless it is an important matter which needs urgent discussion and consideration. The Chinese government has been involved in creating an image of socialization which they view as the center of the world. This is a very essential and important aspect of the Chinese leadership and its people whereby they do not need to be answerable to any outside powers and forces but rather they are just on their own.

Therefore china tries to defeat the enemy without ever fighting and trying to depend on nature to favor them and put them into a position of advantage. And then from this position of advantage, most of the individuals in china believe it is best to act accordingly and make sure what needs to be done is done.

What is China’s perspective on the use of military force vis-!-vis the USA?

China rarely engages in wars and they are always a silent nation that believes and trusts that peace is more important than fight. China is always seen as overly uncaring. This is because of its nature not to engage so much in the talks and the issues of the other countries but focuses on its growth. Therefore the use of the military in china may be termed as minimal and not a desirable activity or event. Therefore it is necessary to note that America most of the time engages in wars trying to create peace and harmony and order. However, according to the republic of china leadership, they believe that war doesn’t always solve all the issues and therefore at some point even if a person did what it comes back to them. In the china leadership, it is evident that the time china can engage in war is when something like a person tries to invade their boundaries by force, however for US war can be declared anytime even though the warnings of a possible war most of the times does the trick of changing the belief system of the person such that they do what is needed without engaging into actual war.

How should the United States deal with its “vital interests” in relations with China?

The United States has had many interests and many other wishes and ways they wish to make eh republic of china stop growing at the rate it has been growing and there is a clear likelihood that the Chinese will overcome the United States when it comes to the supremacy of the world. Therefore even though there is a desire for the United States to discuss a lot of issues with the republic of china it is most of the time difficult due to the different ways china sees the world as well as how America sees the world. However, these challenges should be left on their own and not taken as those of the fight of the countries and taken as a normal challenge that happens. Therefore the united states need to understand how china views issues from. After understanding this proper type of discussions is possible about the various issues which affect the two countries and the world.

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