Despite sexual assault being a lonely and experience which is frightening, there various ways in


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Despite sexual assault being a lonely and experience which is frightening, there various ways in which one can recover from the trauma. The emotions arising due to the act are sometimes uncontrollable. The victim to recover from the assault will take some time but the emotions to be calmed are one of the difficult situations to deal with. The victim may forgive but the memories will remain alive in the mind. There are various strategies which can be employed for the individual to recover from the condition.

During the immediate phase Lucy will have intense physical and emotional feelings which might seem to be uncontrollable and a considerable distress might follow. One needs to that these feelings are normal during this phase and trauma is always present. The situation will take time to subside therefore the victim will need to be encouraged to stay calm.

The other phase is the outward adjustment which is accompanied by feelings which are pervasive. One may experience naughty dreams which are in correlation to sexual assault and these dreams may make the individual feel that lacks personal safety. One will need to remain calm and this condition will take a couple of weeks and the mastery of dreams will be regained once again.

The final phase is known as integration or resolution phase. The experience from the previous phase may overlap this phase and the most common experience are fear and lack of personal safety. The conditions will be overcomed with right support and guidance which build up new strengths and insights (Matsakis, 2003).

The rehabilitation process of Lucy will be based on various counselling sections held and programs on how she can reform from being drug addict. This can only be done by a medical counsellor who can handle both conditions at one. Lucy can respond to the traumas from sexual assault and drug abuse through realising her self-worth and accepting the current condition and then move on with her own life.


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