Designing Your Professional Presence

Designing Your Professional Presence

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Designing Your Professional Presence

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Admissions Advisor with a passion for helping students enroll, register, and complete coursework. Working as an educator allowed me to gain valuable experience teaching and assisting a wide range of college-bound students. As a former teacher, I’m certain that these abilities came to me naturally. I see myself as a self-starter with strong verbal and written communication skills. A fast-paced, team-oriented environment suits my personality well, and I’m well-suited to it. Aside from these strengths, I have excellent interpersonal communication skills, professionalism, a high level of tolerance for ambiguity, and efficiency, all of which help me in my current role to reduce conflict and dissatisfaction. While I’m known for my interpersonal skills, I’m also well-versed in technical and database management, and I’m always looking for ways I can improve my performance. If I succeed as a Senior Admissions Advisor, I hope to one day take on a challenging and rewarding role in higher education.