Design Thinking



Design Thinking

For Success of an organization requires, there are various approaches it must use for it to be effective in running its day to day activities. Design thinking is preferred for new organizations because it is applied in solving problems suited to conditions of high uncertainty. PRView, an online content sharing company, would use to design thinking approach as a problem-solving strategy to be able to scale up the company and make profits.

Identify an Opportunity

The first approach to design thinking is to ask yourself what opportunities are there for the growth of the company, the problems that might crop up, and what strategies one would use to solve such problems (Liedtka & Ogilvie, 2011). The problems are normally based on whether they are human centred, their degree of complexity, and how one could solve them easily. PRView as an online content sharing company has challenges such as limited online security; their websites are prevalent to online hackers, which they have managed to stabilize by employing technicians to monitor their online presence.

Scope of the Project

Exploring the opportunities and barriers that might limit the project is important. PRView may explore such opportunities as using social networking sites to increase their database of students sharing online content and find out on the limiting factors such as account hacking.

Drafting Your Design

Design brief approach outlines a company’s objectives, strategic opportunities, and even its vulnerabilities (Liedtka & Ogilvie, 2011). This is usually depicted in the draft design.

Design view approach is the most reliable approach for a service industry since it outlines the challenges, the framework, and the plan of action that’s needed to achieve its vision and would recommend it to anyone.


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