Design of a successful business plan





Business plan

Design of a successful business plan lays in the eventual coordination of the different sectors of the parts acknowledged as vital the implementation process. the goal of the business plan is on the increment of the revenue derived from the Californian consumer s whose age bracket lies between the age of the of 13- 17 years, in a duration of three months. The chief areas of consideration are conspicuously on the customer awareness, satisfaction, sales volume capacity, design and sitting of the market share.Customer awareness

The advertisement of the business is majorly executable through use of interesting paid adverts on local television and facilitation of an on ground promotion activities that publicize the commodities to the prospective clients. Categorization of the age bracket of 13-17 years intimates that the prospected consumers of the product are majorly young and to lure them into consuming the products is through critical application, facebook, twitter and TV ads that are classy and attractive.


Satisfaction of the clients critically lies in the eventual contentment through provision or supply of better quality and quantity within the specified period of time. This is only achievable by proper realization of the inherent competition present in the desired market arena.

Sales volume

Typically, sales volume will vary with time as the products enroot itself into the market. The initial start will exhibit poor returns due to comparatively low number of clients but as time progress more consumer s will accept the product in the market.

Critical implementation of the business plan will see the amplification of the sales in the outlined area. Promotion of the awareness amongst the age group of 13-17 years shall generation of the 50% awareness and the ultimate attaining of the desired goals of the business plan