design and business organization

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Topic: design and business organization

A business organization is an individual or group of people interested in achieving the same commercial goals. However each and every business has its own structure and strategies it uses so as to run accordingly.

With constant change in the global business sector, it is only appropriate for companies to embrace new business strategies; however as described by Christopher Worley and Edward Lawler companies have passed on changes that do not support incorporation of new business strategies hence change is really implemented. They must adopt flexible and reconfigurable design in order for a company to be more agile and innovative; they need to revisit their basic design and mend them in a way that supports change. For a company to change it needs to hire and search for employees that admire and support change and that are able to come up with new ideas. For example as seen in the IBM Company, they changed their policies from permanent employment to basing employment on the skills of the employee. When this is implemented, the quality of production is high giving the organization its competitive edge. Training should be an ongoing process so as to improve the employees’ skills and enabling them to learn new better ways (Marcic, 2012).

Rewarding employees for their skills to is beneficial for the company since it increase motivation which leads to better performance. Through initializing these methods in the company, as business changes in the world, the company is able to sustain itself and add value in the future. Organization employees need to be aware new trends and be able to think about alternative potential future strategies that maintain outstanding competition and stay above other companies (Marshall, 1996). Understanding the market and coming up with new ideas must balance current demands and that of the future so as to maintain customers.

Through this the company will have strength in that as the world of business changes, the organization already has people that support it and have the ability of creating ways that meet the current standards. The company is able to maintain its outstanding status, by maintaining quality production. Networking enables integration of employees, facilitating combined effort and better relationship between employees.

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