Describe a target market for Reeces Big Cup





Describe a target market for Reece’s Big Cup

Reese’s big cup is a company that focuses on the production of peanut butter chocolate bars. The company has a different variety of products to suite the demands of the different clientele they have. The company was started in 1928 by Milton Hershey of the Hershey Company. The company has been producing all forms of candy to cakes thus making it one of the influential companies in the industry.

The purpose of this paper is to conduct a market analysis of Reese’s peanut Butter cups company. The paper will concentrate on one target market of the company focusing on the reason for the choice of this particular market. The paper finally mentions the geographic coverage of the customers the company supplies.

Target market

A target market is described as the concentration on a particular need of a customer in the market. The customer in this case has specific needs and wants that need to be fulfilled. The focusing of a market allows a company to specialize on the market so that they can gear the production of the product toward the demands of the market.

The country targets a wide range of markets from the children to adults in different areas of the country. The consumers of this product have a particular taste in that they have a weakness for all types of candy products. The target market for the company ranges from small children to teenagers who are the largest consumers of the chocolate bars. Candy is preferred by the younger population in the country. Despite this, the market also consists of families who may occasionally purchase the product for the whole family. The company has set itself apart from other manufacturers in that they focus on peanut butter chocolates. This has earned them more customers who desire an alternative to the other chocolate flavors

Why I selected this target market

The reason for the selection of this target market is that they are the population who consume the product the most. This has been displayed by the records of the company which show that their main customers are aged between (5-17) years. These records were certified by a survey that was conducted in the last financial year. This age bracket mainly consists of young children and teenagers.

Geographic concentration of the brand

The company was located in the southern part of the United States. This is one of the reasons why the product performs well in these parts of the country. Despite this, Reece’s big cup has managed to diverge into other parts of the country. The supply of the product to all parts of the country has enabled it to compete with more established brands thus increasing its market share. The lifestyles of the companies target market play a significant role in the demand for our product. Some of the customers opt to buy the healthy bars as an alternative to the more rich flavors. Other customers are accustomed to snacking on a daily basis. This type of lifestyle ensures that they demand for an adequate supply of the product.

As stated earlier, the company intends to compete with the more recognized companies. The company thus projects to sell its products outside the United States. This will be achievable by conducting extensive marketing in and outside the country.