Demystification of mysteries of life; a critical analysis of human life myths.





Demystification of mysteries of life; a critical analysis of human life myths.Historical background

Across the history of human development, mankind has attempted to redress certain questions that have been unduly very difficult to unravel such as, the origin of humanity, the state of death as well as the universality of mankind as a species.

In addition, there have arisen dominant puzzles that have posed a great challenge to human’s ability to unlock. These amalgamated bottlenecks have enormously underpinned the imagination and the consequential formulation of myths aimed at redressing them.

The Old Testament Mythology.The mythology of creation written by Prophet Moses and upheld by the Christians, Jews and the Muslims postulates that, The Almighty God created the heavens and Earth with everything that is in it. But above all that, the crust of the creation being the creation of human was moving attempt that made the Jews buy into his imagination. They consequently came to believe that God Almighty had spoken to him by way of inspiration. This was adequate enough to make them nurse a strong will that the supernatural being worshipped by Moses had intended to save them from the apparent bondage in the land of Egypt.

The Jews in turn were able to unite and rise against the tyrannical rule in Egypt by King Pharaoh who was really frustrating them. The sought redemption and were able to finally obtain freedom to worship this God in the wilderness.

Moses further emphasizes that God created these things without substance in the first account of creation since, he only said that let the things be and they actually were. Contrarily, in the second account of creation, God is seen to create the Garden of Eden and all that was in it of substance.


This mythology has an overwhelming weakness sine it fails to project universality in the origin of humanity with its great differences such as color. The myths also lack coherence and continuity since it is less conclusive and less convincing for example, abstract assertion such as the eternal wisdom, the earth being a mother nature that never diminishes, is absolutely hollow and not convincing at all. Barthe also says that, ‘these myths define eternal wisdom in manners that eludes historical facts.’

Photography and electoral appeal

The electoral process is like any other commodity that is sold in the market and as such, largely lies on persuasion as the greatest ingredient for success. The mythology on the communications that is intended with the nature and the type of photography is thence, a critical import on the intended success of appealing the electorates per se. The tyranny of ideal takes centre stage, most spectrums of life is left out totally. The candidates get driven to some kind of strange utopianism.

The feelings often get largely elevated and the ideals propounded tends to put forth, a supposed solutions to the apparent political contradictions such as peace being preferable to war, prosperity being preferable to poverty, freedom being preferable to oppression and an excreta.

It is often notable to affirm that all these seemingly godly tidings are often victims of sectarian interests if not most of the time often some time.

Next, the voter is in most cases flatted, adored and cherished. This is done by elevating him socially as well as intellectually. He or she then called upon to elect himself or herself.

Politicians thence, greatly capitalize on communication through photography is a modest mode of proselytizing their product. The media is in most often an apt tool in making this communication impactful to the targeted group.

The development of democratic practices calls on very high stakes on the political treatise. This has enormously compelled participants to meet the demographic changes and counter transformations of the targeted electorates. Without, buying into the interests of the electorates the politicians may not buy his or her way into exercising legitimate power.


The nature and the type of photographic communication play a very vital and fundamental role in the determination of the outcome of an electoral process in any modest democracy. For example, Barthe postulates that, ’nearly all politically intended photographs are ascension since, they are heightened to elevate political feelings holistically.’

The communication has thence, to be very impactful, relevant and appealing to the electorates. In most cases electorates also often want to be appreciated, their self esteem has thus to be elevated; they have to be appraised socially in terms of status and intellectually in order to have them buy into the politicians’ ideology. This is because most of the ideals of the leaders are greatly and totally abstract.

Conventional photography’s are always laden with many signs that act as a pointer to the electorates aspirations. Fr example, the photograph may be made with an astute expression of frankness, honesty, integrity and excreta. Similarly it may be done in a manner that elucidates the candidate’s ability to confront the electorates’ perceived enemy such as poverty, disease and ignorance.

Great family of mankind and human conditions

The assertions that, humanity are bond by a common destiny is precisely very true. This is because all species of human kind’s primal reason is to exist and co-exist with others in harmony. In this light, they hence, commonly tend to work in a bid to fend for themselves and for their off springs; they constantly seek security against her threats to survival as well as biologically endear to reproduce in order to perpetuate her progeny.

This mystification places nature as the bedrock of historiography albeit; situations such as death and life have no solid foundation if they are detached from history. These revelations have been made out of scientific scholarly endeavors in an attempt to unlock the puzzle that plagues humanity. Mankind has equally attempted to redress these challenges in an attempt to restore human’s hope in their pursuit of immortality.


It is overly true that humanity has a common destiny and origin given the fact that, their fate, hopes, fears and almost any other thing are inextricably linked. This is due to the fact that, all kind of human species basically strives for survival. They equally tend to flee from harm and are in constant pursuit of immortality.

The desire to live eternally has been mankind’s underscoring force in his frail attempts to unravel the puzzle of his existence such as death. Barthe asserts that, ’the mythology of human conditions is founded on an old myth that is not only biased but equally places nature at the very crust of history.’

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