Demography According to the general population and housing characteristics of the 2010 census


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According to the general population and housing characteristics of the 2010 census, the demographic data of the people in my town shows that it had a total population of about 10,956 individuals. The general characteristic of the community include the individuals under the age of under five years all the way to above 85 years. From the 2010 census, the median age of the community comprising of both males and females was at the age of 39.5 years with the largest age group being of individuals between the ages 16 to 65 years. Concerning gender, the population in my town happens to have an equal share between the males and the females, with the men taking an average number of about 5,267 and the women going to around 5,689 individuals.

The median age for the males is 39.2 while that of the female happens to be almost the same at 39.9 years. The population tends to differ in ages when compared to sex with women being more in all tiers but varying with minimal margins. The comparison of the population regarding gage depicts that the population in my region is mostly dominated by the whites who take the biggest pie of the population with a number ranging to almost 10,194 individuals with the rest of the ethnic groups being minorities. Out of the total population, 10,952 are in households with spouse individuals ranging to 2,218. The results from the 2010 census are almost the same as those from the 2016 household survey, and therefore there has been a very minimal change in the population structure.

From the 2016 survey, the employment status for the population 16 years and above was 8,047 with the individuals in the labor force taking a large number of 5,192. Out of the population in the labor force, a majority of the people work in the manufacturing industry. The median household income in dollars concerning inflation was 56,955 with the median family income in dollars ranging to 66,995. A huge percentage of the population is entitled to health insurance with only 934 out of 9,794 individuals not being covered by any health insurance.

If I were a marketer with the aim of starting a business in my hometown, I would venture into the manufacturing industry as a huge percentage of the population work in that field meaning that they are experienced. Besides, I would have my target population being the reproductive age between ages 16 to 64 as they make the highest population and therefore would be the largest consumer of the products being marketed. The only thing that I would be required to change is to tailor the products to suit the needs of the target population for both genders and as well set a favorable price to attract my customers.Reference

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