Delta Airlines Company customer service Issue





Delta Airlines Company customer service Issue

The founding of the company in 1924 was mainly to deal with pesticide spraying. It changed it’s name to Delta Air Lines in 1928and added passenger service in their business venture. In 1941, the firm moved it’s headquarters to Atlanta. The integration with other airlines has made the Airline grow to the third biggest airlines in America. At the same time, it is the only American airline operating in Africa. Presently, Delta Air Lines operations has spread extensively with both domestic as well as international flights covering Middle East, North America, Asia, Africa, South America, Carribean, Africa, Europe, Australia. In 2009, the company started flights from Sydney and Los Angeles, which made it to be the only American airlines having flights in continents excluding Antarctica.

Company Beliefs

The company strives to encourage innovation, impartial spirit, as well as progress. It’s aim is to open new fights, provide best service and look for business associates being successful entrants in the civil aviation world. It only operates in the business expertise they are best in, which is air transport as well as other related services (Jones,435). The airline ha invested a lot of it’s time as well as capital in creating a leading position because it’s beliefs in air transport globalization. The Air Lines is remains the best choice for many passengers, investors in addition to it’s employees. It provides valuable and excellent travel experience. At the same time, it promises quality along with valuing assurance to customers who dispatch flight freight and quality service to them. Conversely, to shareholders, it aims to ensure they earn secure and favorable profits. The airline provides good pay and challenging jobs to their employees as the employees contribution has earned them respect and attention.

Customer service dilemma

Delta Air Lines has not performed well in relation to customer service as there are any cases reported by customers to the management and the media. According to a journal article by Wall Street, customer criticism at Delta remained high in the year 2010 coupled with baggage handling cases in addition to canceled flights. The situation proved that there was a need for the company to handle the cases to redeem their image.

Handling customer service Dilemma

Training remains a valuable element in any improvement process. There is a need for every employee change their culture customer relations to match up with the company philosophy, which remains provision of service from the heart. The identification of challenges encountered necessitates the airline to seek information from their passengers through short questionnaires during their flights (Heizer and Barry, 234). They also require the establishment of an interactive blog to be in their website and give clients a chance to air out the comments and suggestions. At the same time, the airline authorities have to ensure that they pay attention and ensure response to client’s comments. The tackling of their already fading image, requires the airline needs to undertake widespread overhaul in terms of their operation systems in terms of customer care representatives. The airline has to ensure their employees view service as a valued element in their culture if it is serious on enhancing customer service. The integration of customer service in the company and employee mindset at the airline has to be altered. The process needs to start with every person in the company taking some time to reflect on the historic distinctive values of the airline (Lamar and T G. Mark,345).

At the same time, the few additional values are necessary for the airline to thrive as well as compete. There is a need for each employee to participate in identification of those values and integration of them of them in each aspect of work. Customer service need to something significant in each employee with training given to hone his or her customer service skills. Employee training on customer service needs to begin at the core, as the culture assessment process needs to be used to make a decision on whether customer service remains a value. The process has to take into consideration the defining principles, which make the airline customer service distinct (Lamar and T G,367) There is obviously a Delta tradition, which was known in the past and may be the unique culture in relation to customer service, can be allowed to thrive again.

The definition of Delta core culture is the first step followed by Internal Practices such as performance management, internal communication, work systems, training, hiring and work design have to be aligned with external practices in addition to projections. The airline can establish a distinct culture, but has to begin from the core to ensure the vales are shared well defined. The airline has to strive to earn its repute in operational excellence along with customer service. The situation entails an unwavering safety conviction being the first concern for their customers, which cannot be compromised. The airline is dedicated to honoring legal as well as ethical standards, which apply to clients and marketplace. The treatment of customers with honesty, fairness, and respect is paramount as stipulated in their code of conduct, and strive to compete fairly in addition to full conformity to the laws, which protect competition.


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