Deforestation is a significant problem in many countries.





October 5, 2022

Deforestation is a significant problem in many countries. It involves the rapid cutting of trees and leaving the land bare. When trees are cut randomly, they contribute to deforestation. The decrease in forest area across the world has led to climate change. The main reason there is deforestation is that agricultural practices require adequate space. People cut down trees to get land for practicing agriculture and settlement. The increase in population has also contributed to deforestation as people need more land to build houses. Commercial use of wood has also led to deforestation. People cut down trees to use wood to make wooden goods such as chairs and tables. Other factors that have led to deforestation could be natural causes. These include forest fires and parasite infestation. When fires burn down trees, they become difficult to grow again. Urbanization has also caused deforestation. People leave the rural area to stay in towns, leading to an increasingly urban population. This leads to encroachment that affects forests. Deforestation creates an imbalance in the ecosystem (Gatti et al. 2021). Natural imbalances affect animals and the climate, affecting human beings.

Deforestation requires proper attention in all environments. It has led to the loss of ecosystem balance, including the interruption of seasons. This ends up affecting people’s plans, especially in agriculture. Destruction of the ozone layer has also led to global warming, contributing to very high and shallow temperatures (Gatti et al. 2021). The work of art can be incorporated into the environment in many ways, which can be beneficial. They raise awareness of what is happening to the environment, making people understand how to treat the environment. Many artists have taken the work of art as inspired by the environment. They aim to help people focus on art and the consequences human behavior could have on the environment.

Art is defined by creativity and inspired by very many aspirations of people. Many artists express their own emotional life through their works of art. Ikahl Beckford is an artist who has done a job on deforestation (Ikhal 2016). The painting he has done on canvas can be made in various sizes. He is a Jamaican-born artist who does his work as an inspiration from his conscious thoughts. He has shown great creativity through very many artworks that he has done. He was born in Jamaica which shaped some of his characters as a visionary. He was raised in New York, which contributed to his creative artwork. His work that relates to deforestation is called the earth crisis painting. Tim Kingsmill brown is another artist interested in environmental artwork. He has done a job on landscapes which inspires him to paint (fineartamerica 2015). His main aim is to bring out the environment’s mood and make people feel the presence of the environment he has painted about.

Ikahl Beckford is a New York-based artist. His country of origin is Jamaica which has shaped his creativity. His art career started when he was young, although he did not have a specific line in which he drew. He did random artwork. He has had seventy-three paintings, which spray across different fields. He currently lives in New York, contributing to his talent in art. He is not limited to art alone but also has experience in poetry and guitar playing. He takes a keen interest in what appeals to various people and not only people of the same line. He has embraced diversity in his artwork. In one of his works, he addresses the problem of deforestation. As the title goes, Earth crisis is a painting that shows various aspects of deforestation (fineartamerica 2015). The image portrays the face of someone shedding tears due to the ongoing tree cutting down. The trees are seen to have fallen leaves, which signifies their loss. The hands of the trees represent the aspect of how people are suffering due to this loss. This

painting has been made using oil on canvas. It was painted in 2008, and the main aim was to address the problem of deforestation affecting the world.

The color brown dominates the image. This is a color that represents dry forests or areas that do not have a tree. Trees are known to have a green color, especially when thriving. There is a face-like image in the painting, which shows a human being crying. The tears could represent the suffering human beings encounter as fruits of deforestation. The size of the picture varies depending on various aspects (fineartamerica 2015). This is a two-dimensional art because it has a width and length but lacks depth. It is 6.5’’ *8’’ in size.

Tim Kingsmill Brown is the second artist who has done some deforestation-related work. He is a British-based artist who was born in London in 1954. He was trained in art at Exeter Art but later diverged into a different path that was not common with other artists. He started researching the old masters’ art. He developed a passion for landscapes and focused on attaining the true spirit designated to the place. He desired that people would connect with the environment through his painting (SAATCHI ART 2018). He was more interested in nature, and the interconnects it relates with people other than the actual topography. Bushfire painting is one of Tims’s works of art. This painting was made on October 2020 in Australia. Its main aim was to show the forest fires which were in the areas of Sumatra and Indonesia. This fire was uncontrolled, which destroyed the trees and other wild animals. These were intentional because the land was intended for planting palm oil or producing paper. This painting has gained popularity and

The portrait enables people to relate to it and shows the effects of deforestation on wildlife and the plantation. It also shows how some natural causes can be used to achieve the process of deforestation, but at the same time, human intentions can be seen clearly. The painting is made of canvas oil, and it represents landscape. Its main aim is to create expressions of bushfires in that particular land, which means what happens in many other lands. The artwork shows yellow color, which represents fires (SAATCHI ART 2018). An image of smoke shows it ascending upwards, representing air pollution. When bushfires occur, they contribute to air pollution and global warming (Sataachi Art 2020). There is a mountain in the background of the portrait, which shows the wildfire covering it. This clearly shows the effects of bushfires, making it difficult even for animals to escape. Therefore, from the elements of the painting, it is clear that bushfires and deforestation occur, affecting the natural ecosystem.

These two artists have been used as environmentalists who intend to bring people’s attention to deforestation. The art of works has aspects that point out various aspects of deforestation. They both show how deforestation has affected nature and the ecosystem. They communicate how humans will suffer if they continue to encourage this kind of behavior. Both paintings show that humans intend to destroy forests for their benefit. Both have been made oil on canvas which offers the quality of the painters. The colors in both paintings are almost similar. They show the ending of forests. The artists plan to ensure they bring people to the actual feeling of their message. They have confirmed that people can relate easily relate to the environment. Their aspirations inspire them as artists and do not necessarily follow what other artists do. They have gained emerse fame in their work since they started doing it.

The two works of art also have their differences. The first image of the earth crisis shows the actual outcome of deforestation: human tears flowing, which is not in the second image. It also indicates humans working to destroy forests which is more intentional than the second painting, which shows more natural bushfires. The second painting explains the reason why the forest is being burnt. The human intention is clear to plant palm oils in the clearing. The other difference can be the strategies used by both artists in the painting on earth crisis; the painter is not a landscaper, but he does what appeals to people, while the second painter is interested in the landscape, which interests him.

Artist Collaboration Proposal

The two artists have achieved the purpose of art and the environment. In this particular problem, they have represented deforestation as a whole. Whether it was their intention or not, they have succeeded in ensuring that people learn and know what is happening to the forests and its effects. This makes it easier for both of them to collaborate with the same intention and create more paintings to show the same. The environment has many aspects, and the collaboration of these two will help cover a wide area. The main aim is to make art the driver for change in what destroys the environment. It should act like a cautioning or warning system to populations. Tim Kingsmills Brown and Ikahl Beckford can make a great collaboration, mainly due to their experience. These two have made many artworks that contribute to their experience. However, they can both work together in an equal position.

The two artists should consider having new ideas for making their paintings. Both have addressed the issue of deforestation, and it came out well when they were working individually. They could work together and address several aspects of environmental sustainability. They can use the information from the reports being given regarding environmental problems. They should work together to address the new trends in the world that affect the environment. For example, they can handle the loss of biodiversity due to deforestation. This will make the artwork to be diverse and more understandable. They could also improve their painting to build one collaborative image. Both artists have used oil on canvas. They could improve this by coming up with a mixture of these paintings’ designs. For example, through oil paintings, they can express realism. This means reflecting on the real-life situations of trends in the world.

These two artists can collaborate and create a project that reflects the most significant areas affected by deforestation. They could make a painting that is three-dimensional with many colors. They can work on understanding the trends that have happened from the past to the recent ones when it comes to deforestation. This painting should have increased size compared to their previous works. They should incorporate idealistic images and authentic images of the effect of deforestation on people (Veldkamp et al. 2020). They could come up with a trend that shows the outcome of deforestation. For example, they can take an interest in the deforestation of the Brazillian Amazon and how people cleared it for pasture and farming. This led to the loss of the ecosystem in this region and has encouraged further deforestation. The artists can use painting brushes to achieve this, and the process should first be drawing the images and enriching them with various colors. This process will ensure that people can relate to them personally. This is because they will choose colors that can associate with what is happening in the Brazilian Amazon.

Deforestation is a significant problem that is affecting many countries of the continent. The work of art used to represent deforestation has been widely used to bring to attention its outcome. Tim Kingsmills Brown and Ikahl Beckford have tried to open people’s eyes to this topic. They have used the best artwork to show deforestation. This offers their connection towards deforestation and how they desire that people could stop and work towards a better ecosystem. Just as the artists have identified the problem of deforestation, everyone needs to be kept when it comes to this topic. Individuals, the public, and the government should all work together to reduce deforestation. This can be done by educating people on its effects and adverse outcomes. They need to encourage people to plant more trees to preserve the ecosystem. Deforestation causes the loss of wild animals and contributes to global warming. According to scientists, global warming is the leading cause of changes in seasons, poor outcomes of crops, and increased drought in many parts of the world. Environmental sustainability requires the collaboration of every individual in society.


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