Deforestation. Explain the Method of Search that you use



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Explain the Method of Search that you use?During the study, it was paramount to give both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the topic for a clear expression of the research question. In addition, the main methodology applied is analysis of secondary resources, specifically the forest cover reports of different countries. In this regard, is was supreme to review the statistical data of the national geographic that showed the trend of forest cover of the world for the last two decade (Williams, 2008). Additionally, the world map showing the forest cover provided by the same organization was also a fundamental resource in the study. Another resource that formed the part of the methodology used for qualitative analysis of the research question is the NASA report on world forest cover (NASA, 2001). The organization provides a quantitative satellite imagery report that shows consistency in deforestation trend over the past two decades. Therefore, due to the vastness of the forests of the world and impenetrability of most tropical rain forest, it was necessary to choose these methods to gather the required data for analysis.Why the Research is Important?In order to sensitize the world on the waiting repercussion of the over utilization of forest resources, these research was very crucial. There has been a debate on the trend of deforestation, but the facts of the matter are never presented to the common man. Again, forest services to the world are much important that in case they are not protected, the world stand a chance of losing biodiversity of both plants and animals (Lucc, 2014). In an attempt to keep the world update on the remaining forest cover and on how they have messed so far, so that relevant actions are taken and the present action made more effective, this research was very indispensable.Why it is Reliable?All the facts presented in the research are an outcome of a meticulous analysis of world report on forest cover and analysis of satellite imagery. Satellite is the best technology for monitoring all the occurrences in the world over a long duration. Also, all the facts about the importance of forest are scientifically proven. The research took on a wider scope so that comparison of the global trend on the subject could be achieved. As it is depicted by deforestation in the United States, African tropical rainforest, Amazon forest, Indian forest and many other more, a unanimous result is a decline in the forest cover (Miller & Spoolman, 2012). Resultants of the trend differ in these regions, but anthropogenic activities of the man stand out. Therefore, the research outcome is reliable since it presents a general worldwide trend on deforestation.


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