Definition Essay-Describing Significant Characteristics


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Definition Essay-Describing Significant Characteristics

Various defining characteristics make the woman that gave me life the most amazing person in our family. It is impossible to exhaust this list about why she is the most amazing person one will ever come across. Claudia is kind and selfless. She treats all the people around her with the utmost respect and does everything in her capacity to ensure they are happy and comfortable. The people who know her well and interacted with her can confirm this trait about her. Claudia is not just kind to her children but also her visitors, colleagues, and even strangers. Without a doubt, Claudia is the most selfless a person will ever meet. She never hesitates to put her children’s needs before her own. This is a trait that she has instilled in her children over the years. Her children can confirm that they are true reflections of who their mother is. Claudia has similar behavior with her children as they strive to emulate her in everything they do.

Worth noting, graduating high school, getting accepted into college and being named the environmental enthusiast of the year are some of the most defining moments in the educational journey. These three moments are rather special as they signify a time in life when a person felt most accomplished. For some people graduating and joining college is not a big deal because, after all, everybody graduates from college. However, for some people graduating high school and getting an acceptance letter is a happy moment considering the struggles that a person goes through in high school. Individuals from poor economic backgrounds especially face more difficulties than children from well-off backgrounds. As such, they tend to feel accomplished when they graduate college and get accepted into university. Furthermore, individuals that are passionate about climate change and the environment also tend to feel happy and accomplished when they are recognized for their efforts. In as much as they do what they do because they believe in the cause, being recognized with an award or title such as environment guru or enthusiast goes a long way in boosting their morale.

Chess is such an interesting game to watch or play. People that have friends that play chess are the luckiest people as they get to experience the game first-hand. The three traits that make chess an interesting game to watch or play include the setup, movements, and checkmate concept. The initial setup of chess is interesting. The pieces, including knights, pawns, kings, queens, and bishops, are arranged. Each piece has a designated station where it stays before the game kicks off. Additionally, all the pieces also have a distinctive movement that they follow. Some of the pieces, such as pawns, move according to the en passant rule. It is also interesting that a player wins by attacking the king of their opponent. When the king is under attack, he is said to be in check.

The iPhone is an interesting piece of technology. Some of its most defining characteristics are its customization features, location tracking feature, and high-quality camera. Unlike android phones, iPhones have a feature that can track all locations that it has been in. This makes tracking a lost iPhone or missing person easy. As long as its “find my iPhone” feature is active, locating the person is rather easy. Iphones are also easily customizable. One can increase contrast, transparency, reduce motion, among other things. Iphones cameras are also notorious for taking high-quality photos and videos. The Iphone camera uses some of the most sophisticated and updated technological features, making it the perfect camera phone for selfie lovers and content creators.