Definition Essay-Describing Significant Characteristics (2)


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Definition Essay-Describing Significant Characteristics

Various defining characteristics make my mother the most amazing person in my family. I cannot completely exhaust this list because she is the amazing person I have met. My mother is selfless and kind. She treats everybody around her well and does everything she can to ensure people are comfortable. This is a trait that people who know her well can confirm. She is not only kind to her children but also colleagues, visitors, and even strangers. My mother is the most selfless person that I know and she never hesitates to sacrifice her own happiness to make her children happy. My mother is also respectful in how she addresses and treats other people. This is a virtue that she has instilled in my brothers and me over time. I can say that everything that I am is a reflection of who my mother is. Our behaviors are similar because I strive to emulate her in everything that I do.

The three defining moments of my education include graduating high school, joining college, and being named the environment student enthusiast of the year in high school. These three moments will remain special as they were times when I was most proud of myself in my educational journey. I was so proud of myself when I graduated high school. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Attending high school was a great experience for me and despite the journey not being easy, I managed to complete it successfully. I also felt accomplished when I received my acceptance letter to join college. I was having second thoughts about attending college altogether. I was thinking of taking time off before joining college, but I am glad that I did not wait. Attending college was the best decision that I ever made in my life. The day I was awarded for being an environment enthusiast was also a defining moment in my life. I have always been a vocal advocate of climate change and this award made me feel proud about myself.

Chess is the most interesting game that I have ever watched. My friends plays chess professionally. The three traits that stood out about chess are the set-up, the movements, and the concept of checkmate. I found the initial setup of chess to be interesting. I did not know that there is a specific arrangement of how the pawns, knights, bishops, king, and queen are arranged. Every piece has a designated position where they are placed before the game begins. I also found the movements interesting. Each piece has a distinctive movement that it follows and some pieces like pawns move according to the en passant rule. Winning in chess occurs when the player’s king is being attacked by the enemy. In this case, the king is said to be in check.

My favorite piece of technology is the iPhone. The iPhone’s three traits that I find most significant are the location tracking feature, customization, and high-quality camera. Unlike other android phones, iPhones have a feature that tracks all locations that it has been in. As such, tracking a lost phone or person is easy when using an iPhone. Iphones are also easily customizable. One can increase contrast, transparency, reduce motion, among other things. I like iPhones also because I take high-quality pictures compared to other phones.