Dear Students,

Dear Students,

Hope you all are doing well. Please note that answers and comments to Discussion Question #3 are due on 10/9/19.  Please try to submit in a timely manner to avoid deduction of points.

This week, your assignment is to read Chapter 4 – Policy Adoption.  Also, you all need to write a Policy Essay on a topic of your choice and submit by 10/13. It should be at least 3 pages and not exceed 4 pages, double spaced, use Times Roman Font (size 12) and use default margins of one inch. Please read the textbook chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4 along with the journal articles 1,2 & 3 carefully prior to writing the Policy Essay.

First, select a Public Policy that is of interest to you.

Second, investigate the history of this policy and try to find out why was this policy introduced  and what problem is it supposed to address.

Third, what role did politics play in passage of this policy?  That is, which political party supported it and which one opposed it and what was the outcome at the end?

Fourth, to what extent this policy is serving the needs of the public?  Discuss and comment on the strengths and deficiencies of the policy.

Fifth, write a conclusion section with recommendations on how to improve this policy.

Please note that your scores from Discussion Questions 1, 2 and 3 along with that from the Policy Essay will be used to determine your Midterm Grade.  Failure to complete any one of the stated assignments will result in an ‘I’ or incomplete grade.